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What do they do for a slipped disc

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Most often the treatment for a slipped disk is bed rest, limited activity, and heat or ice. Consult your physician. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-they-do-for-a-slipped-disc ]
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What do do when you slip a disc
What do do when you slip a disc? Please please please answer my question. My teacher expects me to know this but I don`t have a clue.
What is a slipped disc?
This is actually a mislabeling that refers to a herniated disc . In a herniated disc, the nucleus pulposus perforates the annulus fibrosis - but the entire disc does not "slip" out of place.
Do I have a slipped disc?
"Slipped disc" is about a 50 year out of date term for a disc bulge or hernia. But you are right, you have irritated a disc and some nerve roots. But a real hernia would cause pain and numbness down your leg. The best person to he...

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What natural remedies would you recommend for slipped disc- and hip joint pain?
Q: Have had a slipped disc and as I get oder the pain never really goes away. I don't want to use conventional NSAIDs as I had nephritis twice as a child. Now I notice I'm also getting a pain in my hip joint when I lie on it. I'd like to know if there are natural remedies that work for relief of chronic pain.
A: * Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your back in a neutral position — not overly arched and not pressed into the floor. Avoid tilting your hips up. * Cough to activate your core muscles. Holding the contraction in your abdominal muscles, raise your hips off the floor. * Align your hips with your knees and shoulders. Hold this position and take three deep breaths — or for about five to eight seconds. * Return to the start position and repeat. For a challenge, try alternately extending one knee while maintaining the bridge position.This actually works. Breathing and alignment plus the movement is an excellent home remedy. Hope this helps. Good luck.
I had lower back surgery for a slipped disc almost a year ago, is it bad to start running on a regular basis?
Q: i had lower back surgery almost a year ago for a slipped disc, i started running again and i feel ok besides some minor pains. My doctor says never to run again, but then he said not to try to run until a year from the surgery. He also said there is people that go play in the NFL after the surgery.
A: go with the doctor's advice. however, you could maybe ask if you could do light running or brisk walking to exercise your body as exercise is a therapy done after surgery to get your body used to moving again.
How can I treat a slipped disc at home?
Q: B/c of symptoms I am and relatives are sure I've slipped a disc in my neck. I don't have insurance, what can I do at home as far as treatment. It causes pain in one side of neck, one side of back, down one leg, & coldness with some numbness on top of foot. All symptoms are on left side. Any heelp will be greatly appriciated.
A: Here is some natural things you could try:Potassium is important for muscle contraction and relaxation, and nerve conduction which is key in the treatment of Backache. Feverfew Extract is traditionally used to control the inflammation that constricts blood vessels, which may contribute to backache. White Willow Extract is included in the treatment of Backache as it contains a chemical similar to aspirin. Preliminary research indicates that White Willow bark has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects. An animal study has suggested that L-Phenylalanine may reduce pain by decreasing the amounts of the enzyme that breaks down endorphins. DL-Phenylalanine is also involved in the biosynthesis of tyrosine that can help to elevate mood which may be implicated in the treatment of Backache. Calcium plays a key role in proper muscle contraction and nerve function. Lack of Magnesium may lead to muscle weakness. However, you probably should go to the doctor and get it looked at. It is generally agreed that a slipped disc should be treated conservatively, with surgery being considered only when other approaches to treatment have failed. The treatment will typically mean a brief period of bed-rest with appropriate painkillers. Physiotherapy or chiropractic teatment should also be explored. You could always talk to the doctors,PT, or chiropractor about your financial situation, most are willing to help find less expensive treatment methods.Whether to have an operation or not, is a decision for a specialist.When there are symptoms of pressure on the spinal cord or on the cauda equina, an operation should be performed as soon as possible.Cases involving serious or increasing paralysis should be treated as an emergency and admitted to hospital for assessment immediately.explain your situation and most PT places are willing to work with you and financial status. You may have

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