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What could mean if my hands shake a lot

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The most well-known disease causing tremor is Parkinson's disease, but it is not the only possibility. Others are stress, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-mean-if-my-hands-shake-a-lot ]
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What does is it mean when a man and woman shake hands a lot??
Well it probably mean that if they are in bissness with each other that they are either・ Agreeing on a situation ・ or that is a way of saying goodbye ・ or they are greeting each other.

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What does it mean when a guy's hands shake a lot?
Q: Drug use?Nerves?Interest?Madman?
A: Depends on the type of shaking...- up & down- left & right- is it in a jerking motion- is it sparactic...in different directions- does it shake at any time of the day & night- does his hand(s) shake only in the AM...the PM...- does his hand(s) shaking happen before or after eating- does it occur before/after or if he takes medicationIt could be due to drug use or nerves...medical tests can help determine if drugs or nerves are involved.I don't know what you mean by "interest" when asking about a guy's hands shaking.And Madman? If you mean is the guy psycho; againb...that would require a medical evaluation and testing.It could be nerve damage in his hands, arms or oneof the lobes in his brain. Also the guy could have a chemical imbalace in his brain causing difficulties in the electrical neuro transmissions controlling the commands / impluses from the brain to his hands.And it could be caused by a disease such as Palsy or Parkinson's.
i am 20. i don't know about chemistry and my hands shake when i panic. does it mean i can't become a doctor?
Q: i need a professional advice. i really want to be doctor. but my hands shake a lot when i am anxious. My chemistry knowledge is very low and i can't watch horror films. My friends tell me that i am dreaming. plsssssssssss help me. Am i really trying to clamber the mountain that i never see the peak
A: Doesn't matter how much chemistry you know now. You, as every potential candidate does, will have to take a full suite of chemistry courses ( 2 solid years worth + biochem) as an undergrad. At the end of this sequence, you will know a lot about the subject. Hands shaking doesn't mean anything. Not every physician is a surgeon. Majority are not and are in fact not qualified to do surgical techniques.
What does it mean to be "popular" in High School?
Q: We've all been through that stage..... give me details plzz!!does it mean heaps of people shake ur hand everyday?? does it mean lots of friends??please give me details from ur Point of View!Appreicate it :)i strongly disagree with "Cutie"!that may be the case in ur school but not in anywhere else!Teenagers are mature enough to understand that taking drugs is stupid!
A: It means you have promiscuous sex, do drugs, and drink. I have yet to meet someone in high school that was popular and didn't do those things, although i'm sure they exist. Why does that cause popularity? Something in common, that not everyone can share. Many teenagers are not promiscuous and don't want to be, they don't want to do drugs, they don't want to drink, they are scared of the consequences. This makes this group hard to get into without sacrificing all morals. The guys like the popular girls cause they put out, and what girl doesn't want a bunch of guys liking them? Selling weed is definately a way some guys become popular, for one people want to be their friend to get the weed, for another they have money. Money is another thing that leads to popularity. Money spoils teenagers, and also helps with the exclusiveness of the popularity, not every teenager can come from a wealthy family.

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