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What could a knot under the arm be

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If you have a knot under your arm, it could be an enlarged lymph node. If you're experiencing pain, see your doctor quickly. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-a-knot-under-the-arm-be ]
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What could a large swollen knot under the skin on the arm be??
First of all, I am NOT a doctor. Secondly, going by my personal experience of 55 years, there are a few possibilities. It could be a: ・ 1) Cyst (ganglion or otherwise) ・ 2) Carbuncle (another type of growth) ・ 3) Fatty deposit
What Makes Knots Under Arms?
Knots come under both arms. They they get smaller at times. They get sore as they progress in size. Dr's dont seem to know what these are or what causes them?

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About six weeks ago, I noticed a knot under my right arm area/lymph node area it is painful. What could it be?
Q: Knot seems to be in area of lymph nodes and it is very sore and painful. My white blood cell count has been running a little high but I have not seen doctor for four months so I am a little concerned when I felt this knot. I thought it would go away but it has not.
A: it could be a pinched nerve, or a sign of cancer. if it continues to hurt, see a doctor.
There is a knot under my arm making rest of arm feel numb?
Q: A couple of days ago i got something that i believed to be an ingrown hair in my under arm, so i didn't mess with it. A couple days later it had got larger and became painful (also little ones began to come up around it). This morning i woke up and it felt like my entire arm had no blood circulating, as if it has been raised above my head for a long period of time. Could this possibly be somthing other than an ingrown hair and should i go see a doctor?
A: I would say it's a cyst, which would mean don't stress it, but with the numbness you should give it two or three days and if it reoccurs see a doctor.
Small knot under arm, worried about it being cancer?
Q: I am 18, and this morning i found a small knot under my arm. It is a bit tender, but not really and unless i touch it i cant tell it is there. I go to the doctor monday, but i am really worried about this. Any ideas? Am i right to be freaking out, or am i over reacting?what kind of infection could it be?
A: Yes there are many lymph nodes in the armpit, however they are somewhat deep in and you would most likely have more then one lump. From what you posted, it sounds almost the a deep boil. You can get ingrown hair, or sweat glands and it can cause you to have large cysts. However, with that, I suggest that you get seen by your Doctor ASAP. Without scaring you at all, a lump between my mom's armpit and breast was how they found her breast cancer. As for the kind of infection, you can have a staph infection if it is a boil. So that is another reason to go get seen as soon as possible. Good luck and don't worry about it until you see your doctor. Also, try not to touch it much, you could irritate it more without meaning to. HUGS and good luck.

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