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What causes random headaches

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Causes Of Headaches: Pseudotumor Cerebri And Stroke Smoking And Stress are all some causes of headaches. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-random-headaches ]
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What causes random headaches and migraines?
Well it could have to do with your eyesight If you have a vision problem it could be time for your next check up
What are the causes of these random headaches?
The computers, games and TV's have something called refresh rates. This happens too fast for you to notice, but your eyes and brain are faster than you. It sounds as though you already suspect one, or all of these causing the problem. You p...
Does anyone know what might be causing my random dizziness and he...?
whoa, that is not good AT ALL. YOU must see a doctor, immediately! I was wondering if you eat at least 3x's a day? If you're not eating right you will feel all the symptoms you described, and it may lead to anorexia or anemia. You must d...

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What are the causes of these random headaches?
Q: I often have sharp pains in my head, whether I'm playing my computer or not, and my eyes aren't bad..at the age of 16, what could cause them?
A: The computers, games and TV's have something called refresh rates. This happens too fast for you to notice, but your eyes and brain are faster than you. It sounds as though you already suspect one, or all of these causing the problem. You probably don't have any problem with your eyes. The computer can be changed to a different refresh rate. You can change this under your control panel. Depending on your operation system, Vista, XP,95, or something else you want in the monitor or display setting. You can change color, pixel count, and color. Try increasing and/or decreasing the refresh rate. Leave it at each of the settings for about a week and see what happens to the headaches.pp
Can getting your wisdom teeth cause headaches?
Q: Are headaches and getting your wisdom teeth connected? Because I've been having random headaches and my wisdom teeth are coming in, so could this be the cause? My headaches have been going on for about 2 weeks and haven't gotten any better or any worse.I didn't get my wisdom teeth REMOVED, they're coming in.
A: i think.... i got mine out like 3 days ago and my head has been killing me its the pills they give you. :]
I get really random headaches. What do you think the real cause is?
Q: They have been occurring for about 4 years now. I have gone to the doctor for migranes and pills were suggested because the doctor did not think it was severe.These are little things that trigger it...Lack of waterHunger (Sometimes I must eat every 2 to 3 hours)DehydrationExcessive walkingExercisingAlso the heat triggers my headaches
A: Hi, I had headaches (as well as debilitating back pain) almost CONSTANTLY form the time I was about 15. When I was 27, I read a book called 'Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About', by Kevin Trudeau. I learned that MSG (which is in almost all packaged foods, not just Chinese!) is an excitotoxin/neurotoxin and is highly poisonous to the brain. It can cause all kinds of problems, including migraines. MSG is added to foods because it is an appetite stimulant (when scientists want to study obesity in rats, which are not naturally obese, they feed them MSG to fateen them up!). Companies put this in food, NOT to enhance flavour, but to increase profits. MSG (and high glutamate additives) can be disguised on ingredient lists as flavour, natural flavour, artificial flavour, seasonings, spices, and more. I used to eat a lot of foods such as Campbell's soups, Kraft Dinner, Mr. Noodles and chips, which are all chock-full of MSG (Hmm, no wonder kids like 'em so much!). Once I cut MSG out of my diet my headaches and back pain were drastically reduced. I used to have to take 12 painkillers/day, just to stay sane, now I take about 2/day (I have other health problems that account for the pain I still experience). My life has improved SO much since eliminating this evil substance from my diet. It is a challenge at first, since most foods the average person is accustomed to eating contain it, but SO worth it! I would suggest cutting it out for a week and seeing if that works. You also should cut out red wine and tomatoes for now, too, because these are high in naturally occuring glutamate and can cause problems for highly MSG-sensitive people. I should also mention aspartame is also an excitotoxin and will cause essentially the same problems as MSG. I highly recommend you check out the links below (under sources) and also read 'Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About'. You would not beleive what the government and food and drug corporations will do to our health (they are literally KNOWINGLY murdering people) to fatten their pocketbooks. It is SICK! Good luck. I'm pretty sure this will help.

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