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What causes knots in my neck and shoulders

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Knots in your neck and shoulders is from muscles that are spasmodic. This could be a sign of herniated discs! See your physician! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-knots-in-my-neck-and-shoulders ]
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What causes knots in muscles and hard feeling muscles especially ...?
Thank you for your question, Heather. Maybe the following two links will answer your question more simply than my explanation: I hope that helps you. Michael, LMT
Chiropractic recognizes that the cause of many unwanted health conditions like neck, back and shoulder pain can be contributed to a condtion known as forward head posture. So you can understand the effects forward head carriage may have on ...
Does TMJ Cause Neck & Shoulder Pain?
Many people simply take pain relief medication for TMJ and related painful symptoms. This method reduces the pain, but does nothing to correct the problem. If you think you have TMJ, see your dentist. Your dentist knows the proper way to tr...

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What causes muscle knots and how can they be prevented?
Q: For example, I've been experiencing dull back and neck pain. At the massage therapist, I discovered I have several knots in my shoulders, back, neck, and even forearms!!
A: You may have this tension/stress because of your current routine. You need to carefully examine what you do during the day. This problem could be caused by the way you sit, the position of your computer/monitor at work, or even because your entire workspace should be more ergonomically correct. I recommend asking your health and safety professional to do an audit on your workspace. He may find that you need a new chair, or your computer monitor is set too high. In addition, you need to do a series of light stretches throughout the day. Make sure your stretching routine targets the appropriate muscle groups. You can take a few minutes in the morning, afternoon and at night to perform your routine. In a few days you should be feeling much better.
My neck and shoulders are always knotted up?
Q: For like a year now my whole upper body has been stiff and sometimes sore. I constantly feel the need to stretch my neck or roll my head to the side. Any idea what could be causing it? I do have big breasts for my frame, could that cause this soreness?
A: Here are a few links to sites that will give you excellent medical information from professionalshttp://www.mayoclinic.com/health/chronic-pain/AR00017http://www.indianchild.com/home_remedies.htmhttp://health.discovery.com/centers/althealth/althealth.htmlI'm sure you will great some good info that will make you feel better soon. Good luck
Painful Knots/Spasm in upper back/shoulders/neck? What to do? ?
Q: For the past two days, i've all of a sudden developed this bad pain in the muscles in between my shoulders. I can't move my head downwards (chin touch chest) and I can't move my arms over my head without this dull spasm pain. I've been under a lot of stress recently and don't know if that could have caused it. My husband massaged it the other day, felt like it was full of knots and extremely tender spots, but I think it only made if worse. I tend to get soreness in these areas but not like this! Any suggestions on why this happened or what I should do? Are massages good for this condition? Anyone have experience with this?
A: I have had the same problem. Just try to relax it. Be sure to keep heat on it at all times. You will also want to take some anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin. If it doesn't start feeling better in the next few days, go to a chiropractor. He'll probably want you to keep coming back for a few weeks, but it should help. If you go to a general physician, they'll probably just prescribe you some muscle relaxers. But I've found that keeping heat on it constantly with either a heating pad or one of those thermacare patches helps the most.

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