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What Causes itchy palms on your hands

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Contact Dermatitis: Hand eczema & foot dermatitis caused by irritants like cosmetics, soap and detergents and allergens like MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-itchy-palms-on-your-hands ]
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What causes swollen hands ans itchy palms?
only my palms itch and im not swollen anywhere else. it seems like its worse first thing in the morning when i wake up.
What are these itchy warts on the palms of my hands and on my fin...?
No honey. It's just something like eczema. Nothing to freak over. The doctor will have a prescription for some cream
Why do the palms of hand itch?
There was a time when it was said to mean money was coming and the more it itched the higher the amount. After the itching stopped do you remember if you got any unexpected money? If it's the left hand it's said to mean a letter is comin...

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Itchy palms of hands and soles of feet without rash?
Q: What causes the infrequent but INCREDIBLY irritating boughts of this? My dad has been having this in the evenings. No medication changes, no rash or redness, no change in diet. I know heat can cause itching, but it comes out of nowhere and goes away on its own...but has been recurring for a few days. Thanks for any ideas or facts on the subject!!
A: it could be several things...it could be something as simple as changing a spice on a food, a change in a soap or lotion, etc... many thingsno visible rash makes in a little more interesting but you should have him get checked out regardlessjust too many things to guess over the Internet without getting more information
What would cause itchy skin, facial swelling and chest pains?
Q: Just experienced really itchy feet, palms of hands, underarm and groin area with some swelling of eyelids and lips. All this followed by chest pains. The whole thing lasted about an hour. Just wondered if it might be an allergic reaction?
A: Almost all facial swelling is a sign of an allergic reaction. You need to figure out what you had to eat or a new chemical/soap/etc that you had contact with and avoid it in the future. And, taking benadryl when an allergic reaction occurs is the treatment of choice.
All the sudden I have had itchy hands all over the palm and fingers.no allergies & no rash what causes this?
A: i was always told...if ur left palm itches....ur losing some money...if the right itches....ur getting some money....hope ur right out weighs ur left ichies.....lolol

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