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What causes bumps on the tongue

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Bumps on the tongue could be from allergic reactions, oral herpes simplex virus infection, canker sores, or bacterial infections. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-bumps-on-the-tongue ]
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What causes bumps on your tongue?
i think you're thinking of taste buds. (:
What causes white sore bumps on your tongue?
Without knowing exactly what you are referring to as bumps, i.e. size, You may have Thrush. A yeast infection in the mouth. Usually you can help get rid of it by cutting sugars and simple starches (white bread) and drink regular non-sweeten...
Could tiny red bumps on tip of tongue be caused after a penicilli...?
What r these sore red bumps on my tongue ! please help!?? Answers to Other Common Questions

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What causes those white bumps on your tongue?
Q: Today I woke up with several white bumps on my tongue. They look like white taste buds. They are raised and painful, I can feel them every time I talk. I get these several times a year. What causes them? what can be done to get rid of them/remove them? and how to prevent them from returning?
A: They are inflamed taste buds. If you bit it or caught it between your teath it will become inflamed...the swelling will go down after a while.
What causes painful little bumps on the tongue? What gets rid of them? My southern mom called them lie bumps.?
Q: We've all had them. Those painful little bumps on the tongue, usually on the tip. My old Southern Mother used to called them "lie bumps." Don't know if that's a southern saying or something she made up. I've heard acid foods (tomatoes, sour stuff) can cause them. I'd like to know for sure and how to get rid of them.
A: Now there is a term I haven't heard since my own southern grandma passed away. Since then though, I have learned what they really are. The fancy name for "lie bumps" is transient lingual papillitis. Basically this condition represents a mild inflammation of some of the tiny bumps on the upper surface of the tongue. These particular bumps contain some of the taste buds of the tongue and because of this, they contain a lot of nerves. Even a little inflammation causes these bumps to hurt much more than their size would indicate. They can occur anywhere on the tongue, but the tip and center do seem particularly suceptible. That's probably because those are the spots most in contact with food. Acidic things, and highly spiced things would most likely be your culprits. Acidic is pretty obvious- it just eats away at your poor taste buds and the surface. Spiced things, especially peppers, contain capsacium. That is what makes them hot to start with, and is a prime ingredient in those athletic rubs that make things warm. So, if it can toast up a sore thigh muscle, you know it's got to be doing some rough stuff on the old tongue. Not much way to get rid of them, except wait them out and be careful what you put in your mouth. In a really severe attack, a doctor can prescribe a viscous lidocaine solution that will numb things up so you can eat in relative comfort. The down side of that is deadening the tongue also leaves you with no taste at all. Good oral hygiene when you have them is a must as well, since you are more easily caught out with a yeast infection - thrush, when the mucosa are irritable. And now you know. Lies aren't necessary, just something irritating to the tongue.
What causes those little bumps on your tongue?
Q: Sometimes I get them after eating chilli and the can be painful. Theyre like little white bumps.
A: I get them too! They hurt like hell. Kind of like a paper cut, but in the mouth. I never knew what they were but I get them when I eat a lot of food that contains acid. I find if I put like 5 table spoons of salt in hot or warm water in a glass and swish it in my mouth until I cant take the taste of the salt water any more and spit it out. I do this until the lets say 16-18 once cup is gone. I also, if its real bad skip the water and just pure the salt on my tongue. I do this before I go to bed after I brush my teeth and the thing is gone in the morning. I wonder if there's a name for it? I disagree with the guy who says its because you burnt it because if I drink really hot coffee and burn my tongue their be just a big blister like thing on my tongue but some times I get what you described as a white dot(s) or taste bud(s) that hurts and its not the same.

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