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What causes a hickey

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A hickey is essentially a bruise caused by sucking on the skin and pulling it into their mouth for about 30 seconds. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-a-hickey ]
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How to Get Rid Of A Hickey
・ 1 Use ice on the hickey as soon as possible. If you want, wrap a little ice up in a towel and hold it... ・ 2 Either wear make-up to cover it, or wear some article of clothing that covers the hickey. ・ 3 Put a spoon in the freezer for abou...
How can i remove a hickey?
Ice, ice, ice! The first thing you want to do is apply a cold compress to your love bite. A hickey is simply a bruise and like any other bruise, ice will help to reduce the swelling and control the color. Do not keep the ice or cold compres...
What's a hickey?
put your mouth on the back of your hand and kinda suck it. See the red mark that appears? A hickey is a bruise that forms when a person sucks and lightly bites an area on another person's body causing the blood vessels under the skin to ...

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Can kissing cause a hickey (not only lip to lip)? What's the difference between kissing and hickeys?
Q: Please answer bothAndWhat causes hickey bruises?
A: Kissing does not cause hickeys kissing is done with your lips and sometimes tounge....but a hickey is done by pressing your teeth up to someones skin and sucking lightly
What could cause a hickey-looking rash? But its in two little lines, and not caused by squeezing the skin?
Q: I also have random red patches appearing on my stomach, don't know if its related. Not itchy, kinda look like slight grazes
A: could be several things........new laundry detergent. maybe your allergic?maybe your pants are too tight and are rubbing against your skindid you burn yourself? curling irons always gets my earsan insect bite. all of them dont have to itch at first, but it will look dark and gross
What should I do when my boyfriend gives me a hickey?
Q: Kay so i lovee making out with my boyfriend but he hasn't given me a hickey yet cause i don't really know what i should do when he gives me one?Where should i put my hands? What should i do with my face? My lips? Should i whisper in his ear?I'm 14, in grade 9.
A: Well just make sure its not visible...like where it can be hidden by your hair or a sirt ect.

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