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What can left shoulder pain indicate

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Left Shoulder pain can be due to a heart attack. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-left-shoulder-pain-indicate ]
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What is causing this pain in my left shoulder blade??
see your doctor for a definate answer
What causes Left Shoulder blade pain that effects the arm??
A heart attack can cause those symptoms. Assuming that this is not the case it would most likely be a pinched nerve in the neck or mid back or a rotator cuff problem among other things. See you doc.
Is Left Shoulder Pain Normal After Gallbladder Surgery?
It should not be any pain associated to the shoulder from gall bladder surgery. If there is, have your doctor check for possible blood clots.

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What does a pain of the left arm, from shoulder to pinky, without there being a chest pain, indicate?
Q: A pace maker is present.
A: all good answers here..I will go with pinched nerve also. Could be the way your head and upper extremity is positioned while you are sleeping.
severe shoulder pain?
Q: hi, i know that in the begining of pregnancy shoulder pain can indicate an ectopic pregnancy and major problems.but i'm 35 weeks pregnant and for the past month or so i have had a very sore pain in my left shoulder, like around the shoulder blade area.i was concered and saw a doctor who advised it just was a muscular pain and would go away but this was 3 weeks ago and the pain is still as bad if not worse.i have my docs tomorrow again and i will ask about it but i was just wondering, if anyone else has experienced this, could it just be a nerve or something ?
A: lets try to answer this. a nerve pain would not just be one area. like your "shoulder blade". the nerves in that area would run the length of one arm totally to the finger u would have pains. as far as the left side, worst case scenario could be a heart attack, but unless u have severe pain, shortness of breath, sweating, dizzizness, nausea, and just general bad bad sick feeling.... its probably not a heart attack.is there anything u could have done to exersice that area overly? carring a purse too long on that side all day.... or picking something up on that side.... or sleeping funny?if there's a yes there it would sound muscular to me.
I am having pain in my left neck, shoulder and arm.?
Q: I am 30 yr old female. I am having pain in my left neck, shoulder and arm. I might of slept on it wrong. It just started occurring around 1 PM today (It's 3:30 PM now). It's Friday so my doctor's office is already closed for the weekend. I was just wondering if I should be worried yet or should I look for any other signs that might indicate something more serious. Thank you!The Left side of my neck. I took two aleve about an hour ago... It hasn't helped much.
A: Hey Amandaat your age, it should not be a problem. If you are overweight, had any previous similar symptoms or if you get tired and breathless while walking or physical work, then you might have to take it a little seriously.If you have no problems with Aspirin, take one now and chew it down. If the pain persists , i would advice you to go to the nearest hospital.Please don't worry much, stay alert and cool. Don't drive or exert yourself.Bye.

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