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What can I do to unplug my nose

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To unplug your nose: use a decongestant (such as Afrin), take a steamy shower or eat something spicy with curry or hot pepper. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-unplug-my-nose ]
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How do you unplug your nose?
horse radish, french mustard, hot shower, jalapeno peppers, black peppers and wasabi
How do I unplug my nose?
Have you ever heard of a noasal netti or nose netti? they are shaped like a little teapot and you put warm salty water in them and tip your head to the side as to let the water go through one nostril and out the other one .It apparently cl...
What are some good ways to unplug a nose ?
Afrin Sever Deconjestion Nasal spray, you can get it at any drug store, Tilt your head back and give it a good spray, be prepaired to hack and gag for a few seconds, the stuff taises like crap, breath in and out a few times and you'll breat...

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How do you unplug your nose?
Q: I just have a really bad cold right now and I can't unplug my nose.
A: Sounds weird, but try this. Take one normal breath in and out. After exhaling hold your breath as long as possible. Hold your nose closed to make sure you're not cheating. Now try breathing through your nose. If still clogged try breathing in, out, and again holding your breath. Sometimes it helps to walk around or do squats while holding your breath. It works for me, an asthma and allergy sufferer.
How do I unplug my nose?
Q: I should let you know that I have very bad allergies. Anyways, I have just grown use to breathing through my mouth because my nose is plugged 24/7. I have tried allergies pills and all types of nasal sprays (which work for maybe 15 minutes max) Most of the time it is just one Nostral that is plugged. What I notice is that when I sleep on left side with my left nostral down and my right nostal up my right nostral is unplugged and then when I reverse sides im sleeping on it changes so my left is unplugged. It is very weird, and happends very slowly. When I rub vaporub in my nose it helps for alittle while but not long. Any Ideas of what to do? I had my tonsils and adnoids cut out in hope that this might help but nothing worked.
A: I never tryed t but i heard make soup or something and put hot sauces in it like a lot of it try it maybe it will work lol
How can i get my nose unplug with out having to use meds?
Q: I have a really stuffed up nose. I have had this problume with my nose for along time. I have tried everything that i can think of. Please help me. I really need some relief. Thank you to those of you who anser my question.
A: The have this thing called a netty pot. Dr. Oz talkes about it on Oprah. I tried it a few times. It helped. Hope this is helpful to you.

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