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What are the symptoms for being bi-Polar

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Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) causes serious shifts in a person's mood, energy, thinking, and behavior. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-symptoms-for-being-bi%26%2345%3Bpolar ]
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What are the symptoms of being Bi-Polar?
I know people with this type of disorder. They are lively one moment and depressed the next. They are hot and cold people and worries about everything and anything. Best thing to do is just be yourself and try to understand their predicamen...
What are the symptoms of being bi polar because i believe i am.?
Go to This is a bipolar site where people post. There are also areas where you can get more information on BP. If that doesn't satisfy you, go to nami.org and see what they have on BP. Sara
Can any one give me the symptoms of being bi polar?
Try this these sites. http://www.mixednuts.net/bipolar.html http://www.mcmanweb.com/bipolarfaq1.html Bipolar is so varied that its difficult to just say x, y or z equals bipolar. I have it and I have the rapid cycling type. If you feel you ...

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What are the signs and symptoms of depression, and being Bi polar?
Q: I know there is something mentally wrong with em but I'm not sure which it could be i know depression runs in my family but ive questioned if being bi polar does too my uncle killed himself because of it and my moms on medication for her depression. but i am wondering what the symptoms of both are so maybe I can get my problem more on the butt.
A: You can find your answers in the book DIANETICS - THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH which explains the source of all mentall problems.Try Dianetics. Watch the introduction video http://www.dianetics.org
What are the symptoms of being bi-polar? and how does that differ in the same capacity as?
Q: clinical depression, or extreme emotional being at the end of your rope? can you have been bi-polar all your life, and something trigger it?orare you born that way?*this is based on a friend asking ME if i were, because i feel i'm always on an emotional rollarcoaster*
A: BiPolar is an extreme.. It is different in many ways from Clinical depression... Depression is can come as easy as it goes, and is usually "triggered". BiPolar is extreme highs and lows. A starter website would be Bipolar.com. If you are concerned, see your regular dr. and he/she will refer you. Regardless of whether you are depressed, or have a mood disorder, or a form of bipolar, there is help for you! Good luck, you are not alone!ssıʞ♥kiss
What are the symptoms of being Bi Polar?
Q: My friend goes crazy on her emotions more so than most people do, and me and her were talking about it, and from what we know about this disorder we think she may have it. Can you please give me any details you know about it. Please don't get too specific here. We really want to know, and don't want her to go to a doctor unless we really and truly thinks she has it. Please help
A: You are attracted to bears of both sexes.(Ok -- bi-polar disorder is something more than simply having intense emotions on both ends of the scale. It typically would involve periods of "high" energy and manic behavior lasting days or weeks. Out of control partying and feeling good without reason. On the other end, there will also be periods of depression and deep sadness, in which the person lies around in bed and does nothing for days and weeks.Usually it means the emotions felt are unrelated to what the person is going through, or so over the top as to be in essence unrelated.Obviously, this is not the only form it can take. But I urge you to at least do some reading about the disorder in serious places rather than taking casual info from people on a general chatboard who may or may not know what they are talking about, and who certainly won't be doctors.)

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