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What are the red itchy bumps on the back of my leg

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Do you shave? It could be razor burn, it could be a rash, allergic reaction or any number of things. Were you near poison ivy? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-red-itchy-bumps-on-the-back-of-my-leg ]
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What is the cause and treatment of red itchy bumps all over legs ...?
Not a doctor but I would take some benadryl and if that did not work see a doctor.
What causes the little red itchy bumps that appear on your neck b...?
This sounds a lot like something I got once while working in schools. I researched forever to find the answer. The best I could come up with was pityriasis rosea. The bumps were light red and they were worst on my back and chest, but they s...
How do I get rid of ITCHY RED bumps on my legs after shaving??
The next time you shave your legs, use a shaving cream and razors made for sensitive skin. In the meantime, to ease the soreness, try a lotion that has aloe in it. This might help with the pain.

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Hard red itchy bumps legs, back, thighs and sides?
Q: If it were me I would be too embarrassed to ask. I know this person needs to go to a doctor. They are looking for a free clinic as they are not insured. For now they respectfully request opinions, advice or information with links. This person developed an itch sensation on their stomach, back, armpits, sides, scrotum and inner thigh. Little pimples developed on their sides inner arm stomach and inner thigh. They are itched until they scab & bleed. Most have cleared up. Lower back & sides some larger bumps that itched until 'scratched off'. Now just a little itchy & swollen. On their inner thigh there are 10 solid pimples sized red bumps that appear white when squeezed - they sort of hurt but itch SOOO good. They can not be popped or 'itched off'. Their scrotum WOW - talk about freaky it itches like insane. Some of the bumps scabbed leaving scabbed circles with scaly skin The top of their thigh has tiny tiny pimples in a patch that are not textured or itchy - just there.
A: Dude, you haft to go see a dermo not a doctor a dermotolagist ok I have no idea what that is but dont itch it it might just make it worst.
What are these red itchy bumps on my calves and ankles?
Q: Just a few days ago, I woke up with really itchy legs...I had a red bump on each leg, and the bump looked like a big bug bite, except it had little bumps at the tip of the bump. And it's super-itchy.Now, I have some bumps on my ankles and still a few more on my calves. Nowhere else. They're so itchy...and very red still (even though I haven't itched it in a while).What are these and should I get some help?
A: were you outside? because it could be red ants got on your feet and bit you. or you rubbed up against some poisonous plant. Try googling picture of red ant bites, and poisonous plant rashes, and compare them to yours. Whatever you do DO NOT scratch it or touch it! it will make it worse and it may spread. Hope that helps.
Red itchy bumps on elbow / back of leg & hands?
Q: HelloI have had these red bumps appear on my elbow, back of my legs and the top of my hand near my knuckles. It usually starts with a bump on my elbow which increases to more bumps until my elbow it covered. They are itchy to start than they burn and it hurts to even lean on my elbow. It than moves to the back of my leg, only a couple right above my ankle which are only itchy, than it goes to the top of my hand where it has the same effect that it does on my elbow. I have had it for about 4 months now, it comes up once a month, stays for about a week and than disappears. I have been to the doctor and the dermatologists (granted they were free clinc doctors as finding one in QC is impossible) but they have no idea, she says that it is not an allergic reaction nor is it diabeties. Can someone please help? I use calamine lotion to ease with the itching but that is all that I can do, I dont want it to return.Thank you,
A: sounds almost like eczema...my son would get that....do you live in an area that is warm all year round? If so, could be prickly heat rash.....cool wash cloth is about all that helps that....polysporin creme too.....I would try something with cortisone in it......lotion. You can ge it over the counter~ but for a higher strength, you will need a RX.Hope this helps~TinaB

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