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What are some symptoms of an underactive thyroid

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If you have fatigue, weight gain, low motivation and ambition, heat and/or cold intolerance, headaches and migraines, dry MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-symptoms-of-an-underactive-thyroid ]
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"Hypothyroidism", or an underactive thyroid gland, can be difficult to diagnose since symptoms can be subtle, develop gradually, and are nonspecific (can mimic other conditions). Many people who even have advanced thyroid disease ...
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Hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone) can produce symptoms including intolerance to cold, changes to texture of hair, skin, nails, constipation, fluid retention, hoarseness, headaches, menstrual cycle changes, aches and pains, abnorma...

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Underactive thyroid symptoms?
Q: My mom has an overactive thyroid- and I think I have an Underactive thyroid.....I always feel sluggish, hungry and I'm always bloated, I have also gained some weight recently.. Are there any other symptoms with an underactive thyroid? I going to a doctor next week but I would like to get a little bit of info about it.Thanks :)
A: Being anxious and even depressed can sometimes be a symptom of an underactive thyroid for some people (an example only but I have read about this and talked to others who have had similar symptoms).I am also including the link to a site that may help you find even more information:http://thyroid.about.com
symptoms of overactive and underactive thyroid?
Q: i think i may have an overactive thyroid but dont know what the symptoms are! can anyone please help explain what symptoms might occur with an underactive thyroid and an overactive thyroid please?im mainly asking because my moods havent been good lately, i thought maybe my pill had been the problem but ive been on it for 4 years and ive only just become moody lol also, excessive hair i thought was down to an overactive thyroid...is that right?
A: overactive thyroidyou will sweat a lotweight loss over a few monthsyour eyeballs may be popping out.you might have palpitationsyour palms will be warm and sweatyyou will feel anxious and jittery.high pulseunderactive thyroid ( opposite to evrythin thats there in overactive)mostly it will be unexplained weight gain..lethargy... you might not feel like doing stuff u used to..cold palms and soles..
Are underactive thyroid symptoms similar to any other disorder?
A: yes i have an underactive thyroid and the symptoms are very similar to depression. ie feeling tired, not sleeping properly low sex drive, low moods etc. if u are worried look on nhs direct website and u can diagnose yourself based on your symptoms or visit your gp. hope u feel better

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