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What are causes of daily upset stomach

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Some of the most common stomach ailments tend to be constipation, gas, diarrhea, heartburn, and nausea. Thanks and ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-causes-of-daily-upset-stomach ]
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Can sitting all day everyday cause upset stomach?
I personally believe that you can. It would be caused by poor posture. Imagine the body being in a bent position would be slightly squashing the internal organs. If they are a bit below par then this poor posture would aggravate. That is ju...

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does cosequin cause upset stomach? my dog has a sensitive tummy, and arthritis. i feed her chicken & rice?
Q: that is basically all she can hold down. she has to take pepcid 2x daily. i know for a fact rimadyl gives her a belly ache. i started her on cosequin yesterday, she threw up today after feeding with the cosequin in it. Is nausea and vomiting one of the side effects of cosequin? thanks for the feedback
A: Did you talk to your vet? Your vet can tell you what the side effects are for any medication that they prescribe.
Can someone tell me what may have upset my stomach?
Q: Okay, last night I went groery shopping, because I am tired of eating all that greasy meat, pizza, and sodium filled canned foods. So, I ate a sbaby pinach, carrot, and grilled chicken salad with honey mustard sauce, and it was great! When I woke up this morning, I felt great, and I noticed I didn't have bad breath.I researched something about the lack of certain vitamins and minerals that cause odors like bad breath, and I definitely noticed a difference sooner than I thought. I don't have killer breath, but I notice that when I don't eat my breath has an odor. Not too bad, but it is there. Then, this morning I had oatmeal, with skim milk in it, a dash of salt and half of a banana.So, I had to work today, I work in the mall, so I went to Wendy's to get a Grilled Chicken sandwich, and a large Water.I went to the back room, and took out my wheat bread (LOL) and put the meat in between the slices, put honey mustard on and ate. I drank apple juice also. Then later on, I had a 15 min break and drank some of the Wendy's water. It had funny taste, but I needed the water. lolDo you think it might have been the water that is causing my stomach to become upset, the wheat, or maybe the fact I am eating all these healthy things?Because I donteat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, I eat what will sum up to Italian food and Turkey sandwiches. lolWhat do you think? And please give me a tip on what I should do in the future to help my stomach if vegetables are the culprit. I eat bread all the time, so I dont know if it is wheat, but it is known to be cause of digestion or other problems with other people. I know about drinking tea, or peppermint tea maybe to calm the stomach, but first let me know what may actually be the cause and then what should I do? Thanks!Oh and I just ate ALMONDS! Thats when it really started getting upset!
A: Fresh vegetables produce gas naturally, but they are excellent for you! Canned vegetables do to but not as bad as fresh veggies. Some veggies are worse than others, cabbage, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, beans and greens like spinach and lettuce etc. can all make gas in your tummy..All nuts are high in fiber and can cause stomach upset also.Eating a raw potato can sometimes counter act and sooth an upset stomach..Papaya is good for that also. Or you could take an gas reducer or antacid tablet like mylanta, gaviscon, pepcid or tums anti gas.It could be you have caught a bug or virus also.. Take an antacid if it continues the next day or you get fever or start vomiting you need to go to the doc and get antibiotics...
Upset stomach after working out?
Q: I exercise all the time, usually about an hour- an hour and half a day, taking one day off a week. Ive been doing this routine for the last 3 months with no problems, before then i use to run 6 miles a day, so im no beginer to working out.Weirdest thing though, I woke up this morning feeling normal, I worked out to my scuplting dvd and then got on the ellpitical after,after bout 15-20 minutes on the elliptical I was feeling a little weird, so i got off, and my stomach was a little upset, i didnt think much of it, so i went to shower, but in the shower my upset stomach felt like i might throw up. It got worse after my shower, really thought id throw up, i laid down for 10 min, i feel slightly better, but im still feeling "off"What could cause this?The only thing I have changed in my diet/workout is I just bought some womens once daily multi vitamins from Trader Joe's, I had one pill yesterday around noon and non since, could this have caused it? Even though I took it so long ago?
A: I don't think that it's got anything to do with the workout, perhaps you've eaten something bad.

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