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Is your appendix on the right or left side

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The appendix is a small, finger-shaped sac extending from the first part of the large intestine on your right side. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-your-appendix-on-the-right-or-left-side ]
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What side is your appendix on? left or right?
Your appendix is located on the right side. Are you experiencing any pain or did you just want to know where the appendix was located?
Is your appendix on your left or right side of your body??
Your appendix is usually on the lower right side of your abdomen (also called the lower right quadrant of your abdomen) where the small bowel ends and the large bowel begins. I say usually because on rare occassions it can be found on the l...
Where is your appendix on your right or left side?
Almost always on the right. (Almost always because in rare instances it is on the left.)

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When you have pain on the lower right side of you abdomen its your appendix, but what is it on the left side?
Q: I couldn't even sleep last night because of pain in my lower left side of my stomach, i know its not my appendix so what could it be?
A: The colon is the only thing in the left lower abdomen. Are you constipated?
can your appendix be on the left side of your body instead of your right?
Q: becuase my doctors think i have something wrong with mine but i have all my pian mostly in the middle or on the left. so can that happen?
A: That is what happens, its called referred pain and its not over where the appendix it is in the middle or the left of the abdomen. Lots of people are confused about this, you aren't alone.
Is your appendix on your right side or left side of your stomach?
A: right side of abdomen (not stomach).

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