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Is SID a disease

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SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome. It is not a disease. It is unknown exactly why SIDS occurs and how it happens. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-sid-a-disease ]
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What does SID (redirected from Systemic Inflammatory Disease) st...?
Society for Investigative Dermatology

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What is PID Pelvic Inflamatory Disease?
Q: I really need some good sites or information about PID...My bf and I were discussing it the other day when one of his client's called stated she was diagnosed with it.. and me and my bf had a little debate about it being an SID...so can anyone helpThanks
A: PID is an inflammation of a woman's uterus and/or ovaries. It can be quite serious and can spread to the intestines and the peritoneum (the covering under your abdominal skin). It should be quickly treated with antibiotics. It is not an STD. However, an infection called chlamydia is an STD that can lead to PID. Both partners need to be treated for that. PID can be caused from forgetting to remove a tampon, leaving other vaginal infections untreated, and several other problems. An excellent site to answer questions more fully is www.webmd.com and www.emedicine.com. And you should always see your physician if you even suspect an infection like this.
Christians: Has anyone ever been healed from Alzheimer's disease? Should they be? So confused..?
Q: I know this is a weird question. See, my Nani's had this terrible disease for about five years now and is in a nursing home. They say she's in the final stages of the disease. She isn't verbal except for maybe one word a month. She has stopped eating all but maybe a cup of food a day. I never really thought she could be healed. I mean, she's 87 years old....I thought that perhaps this was the plan God had for her life's end. I specifically asked for Christians to answer b/c maybe you'll understand what I'm saying. I don't need any jerky answers from an atheist to even further crush my spirit at this point. Anyway, my Uncle has been praying for healing. My Mom says maybe he's in denial.... But I watched a show today...Sid Roth's It's Supernatural....and a boy was healed from autism! A church casted demons out of him. Now I'm not one to look for demons in every bush, but that's pretty amazing. His own JEWISH doctor called it a MIRACLE!! I know it sounds unbelievable....but it is God we're talking about. So I'm just wondering what your take on this is. I'm a full gospel Christian and do believe in healing....but idk if God wants her healed. I know that sounds terrible.....but there's a time for everyone. Please help me understand this if you can. Thank you. ~Indie G
A: There's no "should" about anyone being healed by God from anything! When He does heal, it is pure grace on His part. Although I have not heard of anyone being healed of Alzheimer's, I read this article recently. It's from a 2005 interview of a Mrs Edith Boyle, when she was 67. A specialist had just diagnosed her as having Alzheimer's. I'll quote extracts from it because this will give you comfort."I made a cup of tea and sat down. And I felt the Lord was going to speak to me; I felt that the Lord came out of heaven and sat beside me. And He spoke right into my mind: 'Edith, don't worry about having Alzheimer's, because I'm going to use you. There are so many people in the world with Alzheimers' and they're frightened of it. What you will pass on will be helpful to them. As you love me, you'll know that I'm with you.' A few days later I was at a meeting and we were asked if anyone had anything to share. I went forward and the Lord opened my mouth and I said that I had got Alzheimer's. And so I started out on my journey of sharing Alzheimer's with other people...On one occasion, working in the kitchen, I thought:' Why Lord, why? Why have you given me this?' And then the Lord was right beside me. He said that the devil was troubling me. 'I'm here all the way.' One day I was very down. I prayed about it. 'Lord, I don't know why I feel like this.' And the Lord came to me: 'Always remember this - I'm here; I will not leave you.' One evening I was sitting in church; it had been a down day, realising that I will not get better. And then the Lord was there; I felt that I could go to heaven; it was like being in heaven. And He said: 'Go into the world and tell others about me and always remember that I'm right beside you.' It was an amazing experience. He was so alive to me...'Nearly four years later, the foregoing account was read aloud to Edith and her husband Hamish. Hamish commented; 'Sometimes it is all very upsetting as you care; one must live in day-tight compartments.' And Edith commented: 'Nothing has changed. Some days I feel down, and then other days I know that the Lord is with me. After all, when Christ is in the vessel, you laugh at the storm!"I hope this helps you to understand that no matter what befalls a Christian, they are engraved on the palms of Christ's hands, and He is always with them. There is no need to beseech God for a miraculous healing. There is every need to pray fervently that you Gran will know that the Lord is with her and that she can laugh at the storm.
How do they no wrestlers don't have like diseases?
Q: I mean like in a match where they get cut open and are bleeding can disease be transmittied like that.Like i hurd this one time Bob Orton had Hep C and he was in a macth with randy and the undertaker witch all 3 of them were bleeding and the undertake was mad or somethinghttp://www.phenomforever.com/fanforum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=7384&sid=045664a4644323528167f7c2012447e1
A: hum well in the story it seems the he didn't tell the guy..but that was just wrong....I think i dunno for sure i think that the wwe prob test the superstars before any match's like that to make sure..that would have been horrible if randy or taker got hep c b/c of the match..I'm sure they have like some kinda protocol

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