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Is psoriasis curable

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Psoriasis is not currently curable. However, it can go into remission and show no signs of disease. Have a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-psoriasis-curable ]
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Hello there. Common understanding is that there is no cure. But: there are remedies that control psoriasis and keep it in check for long periods of time. I haven't had mine (plaque psor. on my scalp, elbows and knees) come back for more tha...
No, psoriasis is not currently curable. However, it can go into remission and show no signs of disease. Ongoing research is actively making progress on finding better treatments and a possible cure in the future.
Currently, there is no cure for psoriasis, but there are many OTC products that can help descrease the scaling, itching and discomfort of psoriasis. Creams formulated to keep skin moist like G.L.A. Extra Moist Cellex-C Enhancer by Cellex-C ...

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What are the best medicine for Psoriasis? is Psoriasis curable?
A: Following the rules of good psoriasis skin care will go a long way in promoting healing. Try Skin Original as an all natural alternative to chemical topical medications. Next, we will discuss ways to benefit from psoriasis scalp treatment.
is psoriasis curable? if not, is it possible to reduce its effects dramatically, by oral medication?
A: Not curable.Temporart respite with Methotrexate.
what is the best cure and remedy for psoriasis?
Q: Is psoriasis curable permanentaly and how long it may take if it is in the starting stage.
A: The best cure and remedy for psoriasis is to understand what is causing it in the first place. Despite what many think the causative factors of psoriasis is known and has been since 2002. THERE IS A NATURAL CURE FOR PSORIASIS BASED ON FACTS THAT YOU CHECK OUT FOR YOURSELVESAll the factors involved in psoriasis is known and you can find this out by simply typing your search box, yahoo has a few sites, google has many sites.'Acrylamide- Calcium Protease / Psoriasis' Psoriasis Is Avoidable you do not have to spend a fortune on miracle drugs, miracle creams, or whatever miracles they are promoting. The only mystery that should be considered is why your autoimmune system is not coping. The term 'Calcium Protease' is the name they have in medicine for psoriasis. Why is it called that? Say we took a sample of your flakes and revert the flakes back to plasma (TPA) Then took a sample of your normal skin, the difference in calcium levels between the two is obvious. The flakes have a content of calcium many times of what the normal skin has. Hence the term 'Calcium Protease' Acrylamide again you can type in your search box to do your own research. Acrylamide is used in many industrial applications used in sprays to stop drift, used in water purifying, paints, grouts, etc It wasn't known it existed in foods till as recent as 2002. Acrylamide does play a role in the formation of psoriasis. So hence the term 'Acrylamide Calcium Protease/ psoriasis' Here's a very simple thing to do go to kitchen leave all your vegetables, fruit, meat/ fish in fridge, Take all the rest out put them on your kitchen table. Then get all the packaged food (Processed foods) and also put them on the kitchen table. All your soft drinks, wines, beers, on the table too. In all these foods you will find on labels one or the other. Calcium Ascorbate Vitamin C (302 food additive code), Ascorbic Acid V.C. (300), Food Acid or Citric Acid (330), These are used in over 90% of processed foods as antioxidant etc. This is where the calcium is coming from. It has for one very well established and known that Ascorbic Acid is able to cause calcium oxalate stones in urine. Acrylamide is created in foods subjected to heat Potato chips, french fries have large amounts as do cereals like corn flakes. Bread, pastries etc. This is where Acrylamide comes in. What most people don't realize the nature of Acrylamide is to bind. Again you can check all this out for yourself by doing those searches.Well we won't go into why this isn't made public it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out. http://groups.msn.com/psoriasisisavoidableThe great news is that by simply changing your diet is all that's really required, an understanding off what foods to avoid. It's so easy to put to test, find out what so many are learning, the itch goes within days, the flakes start to drop off... Most are seeing full results from 4 to 6 weeks, the worst cases can take up to 12 weeks. As long as you avoid those foods your psoriasis will be gone for good. As l say Psoriasis Is Avoidable and learn what has been validated time and time again. Can't get any cheaper than this, don't forget all free, you can go straight to New Diet and copy and paste. Any queries don't hesitate to ask.... http://groups.msn.com/psoriasisisavoidable

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