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Is it bad to hold farts in and why

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It can be dangerous and painful to hold in farts because your body is attempting to expel the gas and can hurt if you hold it in [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-hold-farts-in-and-why ]
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Is it bad to hold in farts?
yes because the bad gas in your anius will acumitale and eventually cause an explosion
What happens if you hold your fart in?
your butt explodes. and then you have to poo through your mouth. and also fart through your nose. or u stomach would get huge and then you will shart(poo and fart at the same time)
Where do farts go when you hold them in?
The doctors agree that the fart is neither released nor absorbed. It simply migrates back upward into the intestine and comes out later. It is reassuring to know that such farts aren't really lost, just delayed. How can one cover up a far...

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Why is it bad to hold in farts?
Q: real explanation would be nice thanks
A: We have to expel excess gas from our intestines to keep them from rupturing. If you have ever had severe gas that you could not pass, it is very, very painful.
Is it bad to hold in farts, sneezes, burps?
Q: I heard it is somewhere. If so, why?
A: Yes, my son held in a sneeze once and a blood vessel popped in his eye. It was gross.
Is it unhealthy or bad to hold in your farts?
A: No. We should be grateful that so many people hold them in. You can let them out when nobody is around.

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