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Is it bad to eat your toe nails

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Biting your nails can rip and tear your nails and the skin around your nails, causing bleeding, infections and a lot of pain! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-bad-to-eat-your-toe-nails ]
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Do you eat your toe nails?
OH WOW! Thats nasty! & hilarious! lol! Actually there was this yucky bunch of people that lived up the road when I was little & I was told that they cut their toenails & put them in the cupboard to chew on them later! ha!ha! n...
Why am i forced to eat toe nails?
Ask her if you can dip them in ketchup. Might add a little flavor. Keep your nose and suck it up. If you do it without complaining you might just get an A.
Do you chew your toe nails? If so do you eat the nails??
Chew my toenails? Nope! My feet are a loooooong way away from my mouth, and I don't bend so good anymore.

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Why do your toe nails turn a yellowish color?
Q: My friend had some toe nails that turn kinda yellow, and shes kinda worried. She doesnt feel any pain, but embarrassed to wear open toed shoes unless her nails are painted. I guess things could be worse, but still. Is she healthy. Is it something shes eating\?
A: its probaly b\c she paints her nails very often it stains and becomes yellow so always keep few days gap before painting the nails...check this article on how to maintain a soft and healthy feet..
I like to eat my toenails, is it normal?
Q: well whenever i clip my toe nails, i eat them... is it bad for my body?
A: Would you like fries with that?
A Voodoo priest, a snake-handling Christian, a manic-depressive & a UFO abductee: pick your worst roommate?
Q: Who/what would you rather NEVER eat your Count Chocula with1) Toe nails, coffin nails and voodoo dolls in the cupboard?2) Snake poison, guilt and Bible verses hammered down your throat?3) High drama when roomie forgets to take his/her meds4) Tales of "they're coming back" and an "alien implant scar show"Out of the 4, who's your worst nightmare roomie?
A: A snake handling Christian

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