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Is albino a race

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Yes Albinos are the Origin of the Caucasian Race.Go ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-albino-a-race ]
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What race is albino people?
Well wait, why would you ask what race albinos are in the first place? I thought albinos are merely the result of genetic accidents (or coincidences, to be more PC). Just cause you're an albino African American doesn't mean you're not part...
Is "Albino" considered a race?
No, it's considered a condition. Race isn't classified by skin pigment. For example, Caucasian, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American and African American are considered races. Contrary to popular understanding, Latino or Hispanic is not ...
Are black albino's of mixed race (1 white parent) classed as whit...?
Interesting. They would be traditionally classified as Black or African-American. And in spite of their pale skin color, they would probably still be "id"ed by people as being of African heritage, depending on their facial feature...

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How can an albino black person be black if there's no such thing as race?
Q: There are albinos in every race, and so therefore there are some among blacks. However, if race doesn't exist, then how can this albino be black?
A: Because, while race has no anthropological or physical meaning, it certainly has a societal one. A black person in the US is just plain treated differently than a white person. Due to the way we tend to ghettoize ourselves (thank you, white flight), they may be raised differently and have different interests, experiences, and so on. You can often still tell when a person with pale skin has African ancestry, since what we call the black race has different facial features, on average, than those we call the white race. So an albino black person will still be treated like a black person, so he or she is perfectly right in claiming that they're black.
Because race is arbitrary, that means I can be the straight-haired-and-non-albino race?
Q: race is apparently arbitrary: 3 c: a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traitshttp://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/race%5B3%5DObviously, because all humans share CERTAIN distinctive physical traits, all humans comprise the largest race of humankind, the human race, which is the entire humankind.http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/humankindThus, my race can be the straight-haired-and-non-albino race, because straight hair and non-albino are two CERTAIN distinctive physical traits, yes?
A: Yes, you can!
Why is Albino-ism more prevalent in Navajo Indians than any other race?
Q: I need help with this question if anyone has any knowledge of this, I know it's something genetic but I can't find what it is. Any help is greatly appreciated.
A: There is a lasting dominant albino gene that is passed down. It is similar to certain families having a lot of twins.

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