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Is a stye bad

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A stye is an infection that causes a tender red lump on the eyelid. They usually heal in a week. I have had one. Not fun. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-a-stye-bad ]
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How bad will this Stye on my eyelid get?
Continue with the hot moist compresses and use eye drops to keep the tear ducts moist. My son had a stye that looked like a small pea under the eye lid. It took 2 weeks to go away.
Is it bad for a stye on my eye to go to a water park??
Try to put a hot tea bag on it over night, and then do not get it wait, just wear sunglasses and keep your eye out of the water. You wont have as much fun but you can still go.
Is salt water bad for styes?
No actually it's good for it. The ocean and beach helps clear infections, just like how the beach helps acne, cuts, and ect. A stye is an infection in the eye so it will help your eye.

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My lower eye lid hurts really bad - I think it's a stye. Is it a good idea to continue wearing contacts?
Q: It just started a couple days ago, and it's reached the point to where it hurts whenever I touch it and especially when I blink. I'm guessing it's just a bad stye, but my eye seems really dry too. Is it still a good idea to keep wearing my contacts?
A: Take out your contacts immediately. Clean them REALLY well, if you've been wearing them with the sty. You should go see a Doctor.If you don't have money to go to the dr. You can rinse your eye out with contact lens solution (saline solution) IF you didn't contaminate it. WEAR YOUR GLASSES, and keep flushing your eye with the saline for the next few days, the sty should go away fairly soon.
How do i get rid of a bad stye on my eye, in less than a couple of hours?
Q: I need to get this stye off my eye. I have these drops that is suppose to make it go away, but overnight it didn't work. What should i do?
A: A stye is an infection of the hair follicle of an eyelash. The hair follicle is the small pit that the eyelash grows out of. It is a sore similar to a boil or a pimple the forms on the edge of the eyelid. The eyelid may become swollen and sore. Styes usually develop and then come to a head in three to seven days, then burst and heal on their own, in most cases. They will fill with pus then burst spontaneously. A chalazion can sometimes be mistaken for a stye. A chalazion is a lump on the eyelid that is not caused by bacteria, but caused by a blocked mucous gland under the eye. These are painless swellings, whereas a stye, which is caused by a bacterial infection, is fairly painful. styes can be treated at home by applying a very warm / hot, wet, clean wash cloth to the tender area, making sure it is not hot enough to scald. An ideal method is to use a spoon with the cloth wrapped around and apply the convex side to the affected part. This moist heat application should be done about four times a day, for about ten minutes at each treamtent. This will aid in the supporation of the stye. Supporation is the forming of a head on an infection. The leukocytes (or white blood cells), travel to the infection to fight it. The heat from the warm, moist compresses speeds up the leukocytes' travel, thus fascilitating the forming of the head on the stye. Once the stye ruptures, the pressure is relieved and the pain and swelling subsides. Never put your fingers in your eye. Your hands are full of germs. If you see a doctor, he may prescribe some antibiotic cream for the stye, if the infection has reached an un-manageable size. There are also over the counter topical medications for the stye, which are mostly made up of petroleum jelly and other emollients to keep the eye moisturized. Non-prescription products, however, can not treat the infection associated with a sty, but can get temporary relief of its symptoms, including burning, stinging and itching. Rarely styes require lancing by a doctor. You will not be able to clear this infection in two hours, unfortunately. Hope this helpsMatador 89
How bad will this Stye on my eyelid get?
Q: How do you know when a Stye has reached its peak? I've seen some very scary pics on the Internet with eyes swollen shut. My top eyelid first felt tender on Saturday night. Then Sunday it was more tender. I didn't think anything of it until Monday morning when it was all puffy. Still didn't worry much. Then Tuesday it was even bigger so I started putting a warm cloth on it. Now its Wednesday and it has not changed at all from yesterday. Does this mean its getting better?
A: Yes. Keep applying the hot cloth and it will slowly and gradually go down and disappear.

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