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Is 99 degrees a fever

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The lowest temperature to be classified as a fever is 100.4. ChaCha on my friend! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-99-degrees-a-fever ]
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Is 99 degrees a fever?
99 is a low grade fever. 100 is a cross between low and middle grade.
Is 99 degrees Fahrenheit considered a fever?
Not really, especially for an adult. Everyone's normal temperature is slightly different so that is a variable. If your child 's temperature is more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit measured rectally, or more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit measur...
Is 99.0 degrees a fever?
It is considered a low grade temperature and does indicate that there is something going on in our system. Maybe a cold, or infection etc.

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Fever 99 degrees F over one week, not responding to Amoxycillin 500mg for the past two days, eye pain half day?
Q: Can someone please tell me what could be the indication ? Thanks.
A: It sounds like you have a sinus infection that isn't responding to your medication...although 99 degrees isn't much of a fever when 98.6 is normal (You're only 0.4 degrees above normal). If the eye pain is a new symptom, then you should check with your doctor to see if another antibiotic would be better for you. The bacteria causing your infection may be resistant to amoxicillin.
99 degree fever while 21 weeks pregnant and have to drive 10 hours tomorrow?
Q: i'm 21 weeks pregnant and i've been feeling a bit week the past couple days so i took my temperture and its 99.0 (F). i was gonna go on a trip tomorrow (was still abit unsure about it) and i'll have to be on a car ride for 10 hours. i'm having second thoughts about the trip,what do you think?thanx,ladies,i had a feeling it wasn't a great idea and now i'm certain its not.
A: don't go until you feel better
36 wks and fever of 99 degrees so far...?
Q: I'm 36 wks and 4 days pregnant and have a fever of 99 degrees. What should I do?
A: 99 is not high may just be getting sick take some Tylenol

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