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If you have asthma can you die for smoking weed

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No! Findings support the benefit ascribed to the use of cannabis in the last century for the treatment of bronchial asthma! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-asthma-can-you-die-for-smoking-weed ]
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Does smoking weed help asthma?
lol i'm pretty sure its not proven, most likely u just calmed down sense that's what your supposed to do when your having an attack without medication... u labored your breathing without noticing it... but hey maybe i'm wrong, and one day i...
Can smoking weed cause asthma?
You may well have asthma triggered by smoking weed. The chest tightening and cough plus the tingling sound like you are allergic to the weed. My sister was an asthmatic. She tried weed only twice and it gave her a severe headache, so she di...
Is smoking weed with asthma bad?
wont do nothing to you, but you better be smokin that cali weed

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Smoking weed with asthma?
Q: okay well im 14 i have asthma and ive smoked weed with friend atleast 20 times and honestly only got actually high like 4 times because i hate smoking but i feel left out i havnt had any breathing problems or anything but i had server asthma when i was boren i almost died from asthma like 5 times but now that im older i pretty much grew out of my asthma i weight 145 pounds 5.6 feet and not going to smoke ever again. if i dont smoke here on out. could i be effected if i quit?
A: well apparently you have not suffered the fear of an asthma attack other wise you would value your lungs more than this,but again you might be right,maybe you have outgrown your asthma.but I'm sure your mom would not want to know that you are jeopardizing your lungs.i hope you are serious about never smoking again.and why would you feel left out that your friends are smoking and you are not?you are 14 you are brave and strong enough to say no,so just say NO.there is long term side effects from using drugs,it depends on how much you used ow often and what your health is.so stay away from it and take care of yourself.
Can you die if you smoke weed and you have asthma?
A: Depends how severe you're asthma is. I think the rules would be the same for pot as for any smoking, so if you get really bad asthma attacks, maybe just bake some brownies instead.
Is smoking weed with asthma bad?
Q: Okay well im 14 and my friends have made me smoke weed and ive done it like 20 times inhaled all together like 50 hits and ive quit for a week and i promise myself i will never do it again. can i die from that lol
A: wont do nothing to you, but you better be smokin that cali weed

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