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If you have a low blood sugar can you be diabetic

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Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is most common in people with diabetes. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-a-low-blood-sugar-can-you-be-diabetic ]
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Can exercise cause low blood sugar in a non-diabetic??
I'm going to side with Jack, this may not have been just low blood sugar. If your doctor has ordered a CT scan and blood work, it's because the symptoms can mean something more serious. If it were just simply low blood sugar, he would have ...
Can low blood sugar lead to diabetes, or can the symptoms be conf...?
Diabetes and low blood sugar are totally opposite of each other, but it is very common for a diabetic to have bouts of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) when they take too much insulin, don't eat when they should, and a variety of other reason...
How to Respond When a Diabetic Has Low Blood Sugar
・ 1 The easiest and quickest way to raise a diabetic’s blood sugar is to give the diabetic orange juice... ・ 2 If the diabetic is not too far gone, you can suggest that s/he eat something to bring the blood sugar... ・ 3 In some instances, t...

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Can a diabetic have too low blood sugar?
Q: Diabetics take insulin to eliminate excess blood sugar which can kill them or cause serious health complications. But is it called diabetes when someone's blood sugar is dangerously low? Or a different condition entirely? Are the complications of too low sugar as lethal as it being too high?
A: testing
What is low blood sugar for a Diabetic?
Q: My grandfather is a Diabetic and is actually in the hospital as we speak, he has had a brain injury a few years ago from his blood sugar being too low. He has a PEG tube and only can get feedings through that, they unhooked him from his feeding machine to do a procedure about 2 hours ago, they gave him insulin at 2pm and at 5pm his blood sugar was 74 and they just hooked him back up onto his feeding machine...is this too low?
A: Personally, I would be concerned if it started dropping below 70. --------------------------------
effects of a non-diabetic with low blood sugar?
Q: Hi, I know the normal blood sugar for non diabetics is from about 4-7.5 ish. Say someone isn't a diabetic is it possible for them to have low blood sugar and if so what is "low". Are there any effects to people who are not diabetic and have low blood sugar one day?Thanks in advance=)
A: You can go low if you're not a diabetic. I'm slow onset type1 and haven't started insulin yet but I monitor and noticed that I've gone down to 3 at times. I felt a bit weak and shaky but ate something and was fine. The difference is that the effects arent so dramatic if you're not on insulin as your body can still self regulate. There is a condition called hypoglycemia:http://www.medicinenet.com/hypoglycemia/article.htm

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