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If you drink gasoline what will happen

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Drinking Gasoline will kill you, it is very hazardous. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-drink-gasoline-what-will-happen ]
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What will happen if you drink gasoline?
What are you stupid? You taste it. Unleaded tastes a little tangy, supreme is kinda sour, and diesel tastes pretty good.

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what happens if you drink gasoline?
Q: so yesturday im pretty sure i accidentaly drank some gasoline my insides are burning! what is going to happen to me? and what do i do?
A: maybe you should go to the doctor before your stomach is destroyed
my dog drank gasoline. what will happen to him?
Q: he knocked over the lawn mower and gasoline leaked out...i do not know how much he drank because i was not home. if you have any info and side effects please help.to all of you people who are being assholes i did take him to a VET and they told me to give him milk..i just wanted to see if anyone could give me any other help..so all of you can GO TO HELL!!!! and i never said i was sure that he did drink gasoline..i said i THINK HE DID!!!!
A: I would be surprized if your dog actually drank gas but if he did, he could die. Call your vet
what would happen if i drank gasoline?
Q: I mean could it really kill me or just damage my insides, and i need real answers please.
A: you die

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