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If someone has a staph infection can you get it from them and how

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Staph infections can be spread from person to person by direct contact. It is important to wash your hands frequently. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-someone-has-a-staph-infection-can-you-get-it-from-them-and-how ]
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Should someone who has had staph infection 3 times get breast imp...?
Hi As long as your best friend has has her Staphylococcus or Staph infection treated then she will be fine. The bacterium does not live in our systems forever like herpes simplexs. Although saying that Staphylococci (‘staph’) is a common ty...
Can you get staph infection from touching someone with it??
Absolutely, this is highly contagious and if not treated for the symptoms properly can be deadly. Not only that, but can spread very fast. Always wash hands and under nails thoroughly with antibacterial soap. If you must touch ANYONE who mi...
Can you get a staph infection from kissing someone who has a stap...?
Yes if you kiss someone that has that skin disease than you will most likely to get it because I had it and the doctor said if you do skin to skin to someone that person will most likely to get it. But everyone has it on their skin but when...

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How can I avoid catching a staph. infection from someone I am caring for who has it?
Q: Can I have it already and not know it? Can a staph. infection go away on it's own?
A: Everyone has staph on them. Its a common bacteria.You can avoid the infection by practicing clean technique. Use gloves, wash your hands a lot, avoid touching your face and eyes, don't share food, utensils or clothing. Frequently wash surfaces that come in contact with patient. Use disposable dishes, etc.Check with your doctor to see if you need to be started on antibiotic treatment as a precaution.Check with your local Red Cross for their home caregiving course.Read more below.
Can a person who just recovered from cancer and has a weak immune system recover from staph infection?
Q: I know someone who is around 50 years old. and they just been discovered with staph right after they recovered from cancer. he fell on the ground and wouldn't let anyone touch him and then was taken to the hospital where they told him the bad news of his infection.so if anyone knows if you can recover completely from this disease with all of this background info that'd be amazing! thank you so much if you can help me!
A: It's certainly possible that he'll survive, depending on where the infection is and how far it has progressed. Although I must tell it like it is: an immunocompromised patient is the "classic case" of a lethal staph infection.
can you get a staph infection from smoking after someone who has it?
Q: I like need to know asap!!
A: yes you can. and not only do you get staph infection from smoking the same cigarette used by an infected person but you also get nicotine and tar into your system specially your lungs which causes cancer of the lungs and lips.

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