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How to settle my stomach

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Try brewing a cup of peppermint tea. Chamomile tea is also a good for settling upset stomachs. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-settle-my-stomach ]
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How can i settle my stomach?
If you think it's from needing food, carry a high protein bar with you and eat during the short break between 3rd and 4th period. You can eat on the way to class. I hope you are eating a good breakfast and lunch (if 4th is after lunch) to a...
What can I take to settle my stomach?
It might be a stomach virus...If you are still vomiting and have diarrhea, take some pedialite...its made for kids to keep their electrolytes up without the sugar that Gatorade will have. You can also try sipping ginger ale. That will help ...
How can i settle my dog stomach?
Don't you class this a serious and a risk to your dogs health? I do, and i think most other will too. Your dog has no bowel movement which is a big thing and is throwing up, there could be something seriously wrong! Get to a VET ASAP!

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Is there any way to settle stomach acid?
Q: Ive had this burning pain that comes and goes right below my chest and I was once told that its stomach acid splashing up into there and the doc prescribed prilosec to turn off my acid pumps. But now I cant afford prilosec, is there anything else I can do to settle stomach acid?
A: first you must change your diet and then the reflux will subside some. prilosec is the best over the counter meds. but there is something that the Dr. can prescribe but my oncologist said that is was also pricey. do away with soda, no hot foods, no spicy foods, caffeine. but I've found nothing else that works any better than the prilosec and controlling your diet. go on line and find out what main foods cause the reflux. i know they told me not to eat late at night also. i understand what you are going through. hope you find something else that helps.
Anything that can settle your stomach if you have a stomach flu?
Q: My husband suddenly got a stomach bug this morning and has thrown up 5 times in about and hour and a half, does anyone know of anything that will settle his stomach? or do we just have to wait for it to pass?
A: Warm Ginger~Ale. Pour some ginger~ale into a glass, let it get warm(no cold ginger~ale)That will help with a stomach flu.
I just had surgery, what would be a nice restaurant to eat at to settle my stomach?
Q: I just had nasal surgery so my nose is very sore and my stomach is a little sensitive so what restaurant would have food to settle my stomach? Obviously nothing spicy, cheesy or sugary.
A: I have to say go with soup! That would be your best bet for today. Go plain and simple and bland. You might see how you feel tomorrow but the bland food might extend for several days. Be well..........

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