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How to induce a fever

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To induce a fever immerse yourself in a bathtub filled with water 100-102 degrees leaving only the nose and mouth free MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-induce-a-fever ]
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How do I induce a fever?
Well the only way you can get a fever is if there is an Infection internally. Like strep throat or something of that nature. If you want to get one yourself intentionally,,, you have no luck
Is there any way to induce a fever?
Why would you want to do that? Fever is an immune response of the body to limit the total number of an infection- viral or bacterial. The higher temperature interferes with their function and prevents them reproducing so easily. Body cells...
Which is the threshold of pollen counts to induce hay fever sympt...?
There is a direct correlation between pollen counts and hay fever symptoms, although the threshold of response can vary from patient to patient. Furthermore in the same patient the sensitivity to pollens increases (the threshold of response...

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Is there a SIMPLE way to induce a fever?
Q: I absolutely NEED a way to induce a fever by tomorrow (all day; February 21 EST.) In all optimism, I hope to not have to actually get sick, not have to use any kind of drugs, and it needs to last ALL DAY. If I absolutely HAVE to get sick, I don't know how I'd do that, but yes, I would go with it. I know this sounds extremely strange, but trust me - the alternative is FAR worse.
A: check out this site for some tips on how to do it:http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/therapeuticbaths.htmwhatever you do, be careful!
What can you eat to induce a fever?
Q: After a certain time of day tomorrow at school there's no point in sticking around. I'm already a little sick, but I want just a little push over the edge to get myself sent home after the final assembly is over. Is there anything I can eat that will induce a fever? Like... toothpaste or something?
A: You must be friends with Ms munchausen by proxy.You cant induce a fever u less you are sick. Period. If you really and truly want to go home, tell the freakin nurse you have diarrhea and you've had it constantly since waking up. They cant keep you in school for you to just shit in the bathroom all day.I cant believe how dumb high school girls are. im so glad I wasnt as dumb as yall, trying to induce fevers.
How do I induce a fever?
Q: I need to get out of going to a party tomorrow. I don't want to go, but my parents are forcing me. How can I induce a fever to actually make it seem like I am sick. No, the thermometer trick does not work in my house.
A: If you already told your parents you don't want to go, you may very well be stuck going. The smartest thing to do when a situation like this presents itself is to keep your mouth shut and then suddenly have a case of stomach cramps and bathroom problems. That way, they genuinly think you're sick and will let you stay home. Once you let them know you're ready to put up a fight, they won't believe anything you pull. I'm sorry to say, you might have to suck it up and make the best of the situation and go. You never know - you might just have a good time. Give it a chance. Your parents feed, clothe and provide a home for you - it's just one day out of your life to do something nice for them.

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