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How to get rid of gas

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Over the counter gas medication is an effective way to get rid of gas. Products like Bean-O, Gas-X, and, Flatulex. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-get-rid-of-gas ]
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You have to look at what you have been eating. Perhaps you have food allergies as that can cause persist ant gas if you are eating something that does not agree with your system. You may have a mild stomach flu too. Have you tried medicat...
Consume some Heinz beans.
Poof: Relieve the Pressure! Gas, or flatulence, is something every human experiences, from birth throughout their entire life. Many people are embarrassed at this normal bodily function, but most of us pass gas about fourteen times each day...

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How to get rid of gas pains immediatly?
Q: I just had my galbladder removed and when they do the surgery they fill your stomach with gas. They sent me home today and I have really bad gas pains. I have no gas medicine and cant get any untill tommorrow. I have been drinking gingerale to make me burp but its not helping. Does any body know how to get rid of severe gas pains without having to buy anything. It feels like Im having a heart attack, and I just want some reliefe so that I can get some sleep.
A: Ouch. I truly feel your pain, as I have been there with the recovery from gb surgery. about. What helped me to alleviate that pain was using a pillow and gently pressing it against my upper abdomen (don't press too hard or you can disrupt your stitches). You can also gently massage the area. Those things (in addition to the use of anti-gas meds) did help me release some gas, of course I was still uncomfortable but not as miserable. In general, it takes a few days to totally expel all the gas that was pumped into your abdomen. Hope you get back to feeling normal soon!
How to get rid of gas in the shoulders, chest, side area?
Q: I can't seem to get rid of this bad case of gas on my right side. It is hard to move and take deep breaths. I don't really want to go to the hospital and pay thousands for them to give me gas X or mylanta, which I've taken already. Any other suggestions. I can barely lie down without pains shooting up and down my right side. Please any suggestions would help.
A: Try going to any herbal section of a drug store/food store - pick yourself up a bottle ofActivated Charcoal.It's for the relief of intestinal gas and discomfort and it really works!
Does anyone know of a natural remedy for getting rid of gas?
Q: I went to the movies yesterday and ate a small bag of popcorn, I only eat the stuff when I go to the movies. I will never eat it again no matter how good it smells. Now I have severe gas pains that are doubling me over no joke, please tell me any remedies to get rid of this gas, it's very painful. Thank you.
A: take beano, go to the bathroom, hmm eat foods with garlic or ginger

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