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How often can you donate blood

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You must wait a minimum of 56 days between whole blood donations. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-often-can-you-donate-blood ]
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According to United States regulations, you can donate whole blood once every 56 days. Whereas donating platelets requires only a 3 day wait and donating two units of red blood cells requires a 112 day waiting period.
You can donate blood once every 56 days as this is the time required for the blood to recoup its iron loss.
Regulations in the United States allow people to donate whole blood once every 56 days. The waiting period between donations can be different for other blood components. For example, donating only platelets in a process called apheresis req...

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How often do you donate blood?
Q: I give blood once every year..And the best part of it is no religion will be involved when it comes to giving and taking blood..:)
A: They won't take my blood I am anemic and have many other health problems but I think it's great that healthy people can donate blood to save a life and I think that's very unselfish of them. They should be proud of themselves.
How often is it safe for me to donate blood?
Q: I've just recently reached an age where I'm allowed to give blood and I am a universal donor so my blood is very useful. I'm wondering how often I could donate w/o causing serious harm to my body. I'm athletically built, 190 lbs, and I have no illnesses that might make it more difficult.
A: For whole blood donations where I give, the time between donations needs to be 8 weeks (56 days). I assume this is universal for this kind of donation. They have other types of donations though (plasma only, maybe others) which have different waiting periods. Check when you go. Good luck!
How often can one donate blood?
Q: I just donated on June 16, but we're facing a critical blood shortage in Indiana, and since I'm not overly busy I thought perhaps I could donate again this weekend.
A: In America, the minimum interval is 8 weeks.You would need to lie to donate before then--as you will be asked to ID yourself, and your previous donation will be on record.There is a reason for this waiting period, no doubt, to do with your healt.Attempting to circumvent will likely earn you a permanent deferral--which means your blood won't be available at all.Good for you for wanting so much to help, though. We do need people to donate blood.

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