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How low is dangerous for blood pressure

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Doctor's consider 100/50 to be Hypotensive (having low blood pressure). That is within the danger zone of low blood pressure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-low-is-dangerous-for-blood-pressure ]
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Is low blood pressure dangerous?
Generally no, but low blood pressure can be dangerous if it drops suddenly or is accompanied by symptoms like dizziness or fainting. Extremely low pressure may signal heart, endocrine or neurological conditions and could affect vital organs...
Low blood pressure - is it dangerous?
depending on how low it is.i would go and see your doc fainting and dizzy spells could be caused by a number of things not just low blood pressure,i've always suffered from bouts of low blood pressure the lowest i've registered at is 50/80 ...
Can aggressively lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients...?
Because coronary perfusion occurs mainly during diastole, patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) could be at increased risk for coronary events if diastolic pressure falls below critical levels. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether low bloo...

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what is considered a Dangerous blood pressure level? like dangerously low?
Q: i have orthostatic hypotension so i get low blood pressure. it can drop down to like more then 40 points. i want to know what is a dangerous drop?
A: Sorry i have no clue... as long as you're alive you're OK
How dangerous is low blood pressure?
Q: I went to the doctors this morning because i and getting dizzy spells and my heart is pounding like a drum. She said i had got low blood pressure. so all i wana know is how dangerous it is??Please help
A: The heart gets effected as you experienced making it tired and may collapse .Thats very dangerous since you are risking your heart.
Is it dangerous to have low blood pressure?
Q: I keep getting low readings when I have my blood pressure taken at the doctors. Is this dangerous? I get light headed alot and faint occasionally, I know this could be related to the low blood pressure, and im going to the hospital in a week or so, im just curious as its really playing on my mind.It only seems to be low since I lost weight...Im 5ft 4 and did weigh 144lbs, and now weigh 116lbs. Could this be related?
A: yes if it gets around 50/60 you need to get that checked and it could be low blood sugar that might lead to debetes.

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