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How long does poison ivy itch

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Poison ivy rash begins after a 12 to 48 hour delay and persists for about two weeks up to four weeks or longer. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-poison-ivy-itch ]
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Why does poison ivy or oak itch?
: Poision ivy has an oil on its leaves that when they come in contact with our skin, it makes a chemical burn or rash. Poision oak has a pollen that when magnified, looks like a porcupine and when it makes contact with our skin, the skin wi...
How to Instantly Soothe Poison Ivy Itch
・ 1 WASH As soon as you notice that you have come into contact with a plant or substance that you are allergic... ・ 2 DON'T STRATCH I know. I know. It is itchy. It's hard to resist the temptation of scratching the rash... ・ 3 SOAK IN HOT WA...
How to Stop Poison Ivy Itch with Jewelweed
A sure fire way of ruining a great day outside is to come in contact with poison ivy. The itch that results from exposure can be unbearable. The trick is to treat it quickly and effectively. ...

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How long does it take for poison ivy to itch?
Q: I have what i think is a heat rash,or POSSIBLE chance it's poison ivy(due to all the plants growing at church).I didn't go outside yesterday for VBS,and i was playing on a plant infested playground.Do i have poison ivy?
A: 24 - 72 hours..
how long does it take for poison ivy to start making you itch?
Q: if you touch poison ivy to day how long will it take before you start to itch?
A: 24 - 72 hours..
How long does poison ivy last? I have ugly, nasty, itch welps & I am miserable.?
A: Left untreated, most contact dermatitis will resolve in about 2-3 weeks.But infections can set in sometimes, so you should see a doctor.

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