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How long does it take for rigor mortis to set it

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Rigor Mortis sets in within 3 to 4 hours after death and becomes complete in about 12 hours. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-rigor-mortis-to-set-it ]
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How long does it take rigor mortis to set in?
The rate at which rigor mortis it sets in will depend on several factors such as the person's physique, cause of death and the environment, whether warm, cold, dry, or wet. Different sources give different figures, but very broadly and in '...
How long does rigor mortis take to set in?
well once dead, it is complete in 4-6 hours and can last anywhere from 18-36 hours. (assuming that the circumstances are normal and at room temperature)
How long does it take before rigor mortis sets in?
Rigor Mortis, a stiffening of the muscles, usually starts to take place at around 3 hours after someone is dead with full rigor occuring at about 12 hours after death. After the 12 hour mark the rigor slowly ceases and at around 72 hours ri...

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how long does rigor mortis take to set in on an animal of about 35 lbs?
Q: just need to settle dispute with brother in law, he says 4 hours, I say 1 hour.so does the animal get stiff right away?
A: rigor mortis starts as the body starts to cool. so about 2 hours is close depending on fur length, etc. also remember some animals core temp is higher than a humans.
How long after a small animal dies does rigor mortis set in?
Q: I have a baby possum that may or may not be dead, and I need to know how long it would take for rigor mortis to set it so I can be sure whenever the time's up for it to be there. Thanks
A: Temperature is an important factor in determining the time of onset of rigor. In normal circumstances and at room temperature rigor is complete in about three to six hours.
How long does it take for rigor mortis to set in for a deceased human body?
Q: I know this sounds like a really creepy question, but it's for my science class.
A: Normally rigor sets in, in about 3 hours after death, complete stiffness reaches it peak around 12 hours and the body will relax after 72 hours. The onset is all determined by where the body is, (outdoors, indoors, hot weather, cold weather, water, dry etc etc). Rigor Mortis is due to the breakdown of proteins in the muscle, and also the lack of cells moving calcium out of the muscle fibers themselves, when the calcium stays within the muscles, they contract and stay that way until the proteins breakdown, and that is when the body finally 'relaxes'** and the above answer about a diseased body getting rigor faster, is untrue..a diseased body WILL however decompose at a faster rate than non-diseased**

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