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How long does it take for poison ivy to go away

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Most poison ivy rashes, without infections, will self-resolve within 14 days without treatment. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-poison-ivy-to-go-away ]
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How long does it take poison ivy to go away?
What are your symptoms? One of the first poison ivy symptoms to appear is usually a light rash. Unchecked, this symptom can move on to a rash that is more pronounced and bright red in appearance. If the proper medical attention is not give...
How long does posion ivy last for?
It could last up to 14 days, especially if you accidentally scratch it and it begins to weep and spread. I'm unfamiliar with Gold Bond. I don't know of anything except a doctor's prescription that will make it go away. Hopefully, you have a...
What is the home cure for poison ivy??
Poison Ivy - Oak - Sumac Treatment. Wash the area immediately with soap and water. Quickly washing the area can prevent a reaction, but it doesn't usually help if done more than 1 hour after touching the plant's sap. Carefully wash any cont...

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How long does it take poison ivy to go away?
Q: My boyfriend just got poison ivy. How long does it take for it to go away? Also what are some treatments he can use to help the itch? And what precautions should I take so I do not get it from him?
A: Get "Calagel" medicated anti-itch gel, which should be available to you at local stores gives relief and stops the spreading of the rash.http://www.poisonoakandivy.com/calagel.h...But first, wash any clothing, pets, car interiors, doorknobs, etc ., that may have come into contact with the oil from the plant. This oil is actually what your skin is reacting to. You cannot catch poison ivy from the rash, itself, if the oil has been washed. There are several poison "ivy wash" products on the market that you can use directly after you think you may have come in contact with the plant, but good old soap and water or cleaner for your home will work fine. After getting the inflammation to go down and the spreading to stop, with this gel, it will start diminishing and any sign should disappear after a week or two depending on how far the rash spread on you.I am very allergic to poison ivy and have gotten it my entire life, mostly in the Spring when the plants are new where I used to live. Over the past 40 years, I have tried everything from calamine lotion and oatmeal baths to any home remedies I could find with little relief and the rash spreading viscously, even having to visit the doctor several times for steroids it had gotten so bad before this product came out.Also, I have no scars from any outbreak I have had.So, please try this. It works!Hope you feel better soon!
How long does it take for a poison ivy rash to go away?
Q: I came in contact with poison ivy two weeks ago. The rash showed up several days after that and now it has spread to all over my legs. It itches like hell and calamine lotion isn't doing much. How long does it normally take for this kind of rash to disappear?
A: The dermatologist that i worked for tells his patients that poison ivy will last about a month. Take Claritin or Benadryl to help with itching and use cool wash cloths on affected area, this will also help control itching. Apply Calamine lotion to the areas to help dry it up.
How long does poison ivy rash take to go away?
A: yeah, you are better off getting some good stuff from your doctor. That will speed the healing process. Although, calamine ain't bad.either way, it shouldn't last more than a week.

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