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How long does it take for a chlamydia test results to come back

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It can take up to 7 days for test results. ChaCha Again Soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-a-chlamydia-test-results-to-come-back ]
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How long does it take for clamydia(chlamydia) test results to com...?
I found out that I had clamydia (chlamydia) a week and a half ago. I have only slept with one man and he is my boyfriend. Now when I told him to go get checked, he didnt, saying that nothing was wrong with him. I explained to him that 1 out...

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How long do chlamydia test results take to get back?
Q: if you have a chlamydia test at the doctors it takes about 7 days to get the results back but if you have it at hospital could you get the results back while you are there? so my question is how long does it actually take for doctors etc to test for chlamydia and see if it comes out positive or negative?
A: Depending on what kind of test they do, it can take upwards of 5-7 days for results. You're not going to get the test results much quicker if you do the test at the hospital, certainly not while you wait.
How long does it take for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test results to come back?
Q: I understand that they are culture test and I got them done on sunday, it is now tuesday, and they said they would call if anything is wrong. Does anyone know how long though?
A: its difficult to say because it depends on: where the lab they sent it to is, how busy the lab is, and how busy the clinic where you were seen is.the culture only takes a few hours (24 hrs max) so its possible that your results are ready but more likely they will have them by this friday. if you are eager for them, you can call the clinic and ask if they received the results yet or if they can call the lab and see if they are ready.remember, dont trust them to call you with problematic results. sometimes things get lost in the shuffle and your health is important. as much as it is nerve wracking to wait on test results and even phone the clinic for the answer, it is necessary.
How long does it take to get results back?
Q: I got tested 5 days ago for STD's. My blood-work came back negative (woo hoo!), but my chlamydia and ghonnoreah tests have not come in yet. I can't remember if my doctor said 5 days or 1 week. What is usual?
A: It depends on the STD tested and where the specimen gets sent for testing. If you live in a bigger city, the testing part takes 1 - 2 days and then the specimen transit and results reporting probably another 2 days. Many labs don't work weekends. Sometimes test results are funny and need to be retested and any positive tests are usually repeated for confirmation. Give it ine week and call your doctor. If the results "aren't back yet", ask if your doctor can call the lab to find out.Good luck.

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