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How long does it take a third degree burn to heal

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Healing time depends on the severity of the burn. Deep second- and third-degree burns (called full-thickness burns) will MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-a-third-degree-burn-to-heal ]
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How long will it take a third-degree burn to heal?
Third-degree burns may require hospitalization for a few days or for many weeks. Scars may require several operations by a plastic surgeon, depending on the severity of the burns. Extensive burns are usually treated at a burn center.
How long does it take for a burn to heal?
the pain should stop in either a few minutes to a day or two. but it might leave a scar or take a couple weeks to heal
How long do burns take to heal?
Depends on what kind of burn and how many layers of skin was damaged. FIRST DEGREE BURNS The first-degree burn usually produces a pink to reddish color on the burned skin. Mild swelling, tenderness and pain are also symptoms of a first-degr...

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what degree burn do i have?
Q: i accidentally burned myself when i was in cooking class yesterday afternoon. i had just made some biscuits and when i was taking them out of the oven with some oven mitts, my arm accidentally touched the top of the oven.is this a first, second, or third degree burn? what can i do to treat it? and how long will it take to heal?the link below is what my burn looks like.the indention around my hand is a hair tie i left on my wrist when i went to sleep, so there is nothing to worry about that.http://i482.photobucket.com/albums/rr190/my_l0ve_is_addicting/Picture.jpgit got much darker than yesterday
A: First degree burns: reddened skin, light surface damage. usually does not leave a scar.Second degree burns: blisters, some deeper damage, redness and perhaps some swelling. May leave scarring. Bad sunburns are usually 2nd degree burns.Third degree burns: all layers of skin destroyed and blackened, nerves damaged, tissue destroyed. Will require skin replacement, tissue replacement. DEEP scarring.You look like you have a 1st degree burn.

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