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How long does it take a broken wrist to heal

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It takes 6-10 weeks for a fracture of the radius at the wrist to heal. A fracture of the scaphoid bone may take 10-16 weeks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-a-broken-wrist-to-heal ]
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How long does it take a broken wrist to heal?
To start with a break and a fracture are the same thing. There is no difference. My husband and daughter both broke their wrists the same day. My daughter who was 6 at the time, had her cast on for 4 weeks, and my husband closer to 8 weeks.
How long does it take a sprain wrist to heal?
well i sprained my wrist recently and i takes about two weeks so i dont think u should play on firday
How long would a broken wrist take to heal ?
She might be able to participate if she doesn't use her wrist. Broken wrists take a long time to heal...a looot longer than two weeks. However, depending on the severity of the break, she might be able to have some part in the show if a par...

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how long does a broken wrist usually heal ?
Q: hey guys, I recently broke my left wrist do to boxing, the doctor said it should heal in 8-12 weeks. I usually lift 3-4 times a week + boxing 6 times a week. How will this effect me will i lose muscle? or stay the same? Are they any exercises i can do with a broken wrist? This really f**** me over i was schedueled a boxing tournament this month now it is all over. Also how long after my wrist heals should i wait to lift any weights?
A: Depends, I broke mine at the base of my thumb and it hurt all the timeI let it heal on its own and lifted using machines ( pec deck ) legs and lateral dely machine as they do not invulve hands. I could not punch ofr 5 weeks though..then fine....no problems
How long does a broken wrist take to heal?
Q: Does any one have any advice for how to recover from a broken bone please?My cast has been removed but 6 weeks on I still can not use my left hand very much and is stopping me from being able to do the things I like to do. I am really wanting to swim, dance and drive to work and would like to know how long it will takeThank you
A: Try doing lighter versions of things you want to do. Start with range of motion, going just past the level where it starts to be uncomfortable. Do the same with grabbing, twisting turning. I don't see why your wrist keeps you from swimming, dancing or driving. Maybe you won't be as good, but you should be able to do those activities.You may just have to push yourself a bit.When you do the exercises (several times a day, several reps), use heat before hand to loosen it and ice after to reduce swelling.I suspect that your fear of pain is keeping you from using it and a physical therapist can help that. Most people recover from a wrist injury just by using the wrist and hand. But some folks need a push.
How long will it take for my broken wrist to heal?
Q: i broke my wrist badly that the bone went up at the part of my wrist and were out of place how long will it take for my wrist to heal? thxwill i have full use of it again and im 13 so idk if u need to know
A: it mainly depends on how fast you can heal. the first time i broke my wrist it felt like it took forever to heal and it was just a hairline fracture. and then the second time i broke the same wrist skateboarding and the break was much worse and it only took a few months to heal completely. it didn't hurt for more than a week or two but it was just that it had to heal for a long ass time before the cast could come off. my advice to you, don't try to take off the cast sooner than its reccommended because then if its not healed all the way then it could rebreak really easily, and then you could possibly have a crooked hand. haha. good luck!!!

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