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How long does a uti last

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A UTI (urinary tract infection) usually lasts 7 to 10 days, depending on the severity and the amount of treatment taken. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-a-uti-last ]
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With treatment, usually around 2 or 3 days. Without antibiotics, they can last longer, but this is dangerous as you risk the infection traveling up into the kidneys and becoming much more serious--if this happens, you may need intravenous...
Once you start antibiotics pain will subside within 24-48 hours. You can also get an over-the-counter med that works as a numbing agent. Turns your urine bright orange but it will take the pain away and reduce some of the urgency. If your p...
・ Most UTIs get better in a week with the right treatment. ・ If UTIs aren't treated, they could lead to serious kidney problems.

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How long does an UTI last for?
Q: I got an UTI the other day (very painful & annoying by the way) and I was wondering how long they last for. My boyfriends had it twice and he didn't go to the doctor and just drank a lot of cranberry juice and water and was fine. Is this a good idea? Or should I see a doctor?
A: See a doctor. An untreated UTI will turn into a kidney infection... and left untreated, the kidney infection can cause kidney damage.In the mean time, drink a lot of water, use AZO for pain and make a doctor's appointment.
How long does a Uti last?
Q: I have had symptoms for 5 days,i have been taking antibiotics for 4 days,Iam still having symptoms cramping in my lower left back off and on,My doc said if the pain is worse it could be a kid stone pain u cant mask,Iam just wondering did any of you have back cramps with a Uti and how long does it take for symptoms to go away or are the antibiotics not working?
A: Back cramps means it's traveling to your kidneys.You'd better go back and ask for more antibiotics. And make sure you're drinking a ton of water.Whenever I was on antibiotics, I got a scrip for like a weeks worth. It always help within a couple days.I'd say yours are not working.
How long does a UTI in cats last?
Q: My cat has a UTI and the vet also found crystals in the urine. He is now on a liquid diet and I'm giving him a prescribed food called Hills Prescription diet SD. He's also on anti-biotics. My question is: How long will it take for him to get better? He's still going to corners, going on the carpet and in my plants. I also found blood. I just took him yesterday. Does it take a few days...and how long do I wait before I should take him back? Thx
A: The antibiotics if administered properly may not have been effective.A culture and sensitivity is a good diagnostic tool to ensure antibiotic sensitivity.I would phone the vet to give them an update.This will also allow the vet to offer a culture and sensitivity or new antibiotic.Another concern is feline lower urinary tract disease aka FLUTD. Its a painful condition that can cause inappropriate elimination.You must treat the pain to control the behaviors.Omega fatty acids are great at fighting inflammation in cats.Your vet can provide intermittent pain management when the cat is experiencing bouts of pain.Buprenex is a synthetic opioid that lasts for 8 hours.It can be given orally and does not have the GI side effects of other opiods.Cosequin is a glucosamine chrondrotin that can be extremely beneficial in treating FLUTD.Call your vet and discuss pain management while treating the UTI.Good luck and hope the cat is feeling better soon

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