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How long does a broken finger take to heal

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It usually takes a broken finger 4-6 weeks but be careful and don't fracture the finger while healing. ChaCha 24/7! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-a-broken-finger-take-to-heal ]
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It usually takes about 6-8 weeks for a broken finger to heal. Hope you get better.
I take it you had to have stitches? I wouldnt be able to tell you how long before you can wet the wound, but speak to your GP/ doctor and they will be able to tell you. As for your bone, it will probably take around 4-8 weeks to heal prope...
How long does broken finger hurt? I was hoping maybe someone could give me a few hints as to what I should be looking for and what to avoid. Thank you so much.

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How long does it take for a broken finger to heal?
Q: i have had a fractured finger, i got some bandage around it but i like to know how long a broken finger takes to heal?
A: 5 to 7 weeks, just be carefull not to put pressure on it
how long does a broken finger take to heal?
Q: I'm 15 almost 16 but i want to know how long will it take for my finger to heal. i broke my ring finger like 5 days ago, I'm asking this because I'm on the football team and i cant play tell its held but i can move it and make a fist...I'm thinking just fuck it and play but the doc said were i broke it theirs my tendons right next to it and they said it mite rip at if it does i have to get surgery : / what should i do
A: 4-6 weeks
How long does it take for a broken pinky finger to heal?
Q: You see, I was at my friends house, and doing flips in the middle of her living room floor (BAD IDEA!). So, I broke it! How long will it take to heal?
A: Approx. 6 weeks for bones to set.Broke mine last March, still gives me problems, seizing up every now and again.Hope you are luckier.

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