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How long can i be on starvation

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Starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight because you cause your metabolism to slow down. You need to eat low calorie foods. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-can-i-be-on-starvation ]
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How long does it take to die from starvation?
How long one can live without any solid substance is quite long. A couple of IRA-prisoners lived soly on water and salt for about 40 days before starting to go under. But if you remove everything.. water, salt, solid substances then you'll ...
Can starvation have long term effects on your metabolism??
Yes. When no food is eaten the brain effectively switches the body over into famine mode. It assumes that the lack of food equates to a shortage of food supply (famine) and the metabolism slows accordingly. The body then begins to store up ...
What is the long term solution to recurring droughts and starvati...?
Dr. Elijah Korich, founder and chairman of Keiyo Soy Ministries (KSM) believes it requires empowering communities and assisting them in identifying and developing local resources. Ascertaining sustainable development in rural Africa can onl...

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How Long Does Starvation Mode Last?
Q: I've heard that when you starve yourself ore eat to little your body goes into starvation mode & holds on to any fats in the body. I am just wondering how long this continues before your body actually has to start losing the weight? Also, how long does it take for you to go in to starvation mode if you are eating to little or not eating at all? Thanks! (:
A: Im not sure about that but you dont want to starve your body because that is the quickest way to gain weight. If you want to lose fat the safe way then you should check out the link below (hope it helps)
How long does starvation take to kill someone?
Q: I'm actually writing something, but I need to get a gauge on my time spans for events to be happening. If someone goes without eating how long will they be able to survive? after one week are they just weak or what are the bodily symptoms at that point in time? Without water how does the time span change?How long then, can that person starve and still be able to start eating normally afterwards, with my time limit being observed at a cap of a month?
A: It depends on how healthy the person is to begin with, but I've heard a person can typically live 3 weeks to a month without food. If they're deprived of water as well, they might last about three days.I know that when someone is rescued from starvation, they can't be given normal quantities of food straightaway. The process of bringing them back to a normal diet is known as renourishment. If this isn't done properly, they risk a problem known as refeeding syndrome. That's all I know about it - I just followed some links from the Wikipedia article about starvation.
starvation during pregnancy? How long can a baby live inside a womb before dieing of starvation?
Q: Most people can live up to 2 months without eating anything, fat people can live up to 7 months without eating anything. Im wondering because of people who starve in different countries but are still able to make babies. How long can the fetus stay inside the womb before dieing of starvation? starvation meaning, no eating anything at all.doesn't the baby die first? are there any websites with this kind of research?
A: There are always nutrients in the body. Baby takes all that it need from mom and mom gets the left overs.If mom dies, then so does baby.

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