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How hairy is too hairy

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I'm assuming on a man. Really. It depends on the guy. Some look good hirsute. Not to the extent of Werewolf Syndrome. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-hairy-is-too-hairy ]
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How hairy is too hairy?
Yes, when it covers the whole body.....for a man, when he resembles a monkey
Am I too Hairy?
There's this thing called electrosis, it permenently removes hair. Or you can wax it. Waxing your hair removes the root, but the hair producing glands are still there, so hair will grow back. In electrosis, small volts of electricity kills ...
Are you too hairy?
I do Agree that comment made from Mach Robin was rather Crude. He Has made other comments to the like of this one and thinks it,s funny. I am no fan of the man.

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GUYS! (Girls can answer too) Is a hairy belly/back on a girl such a turn off?
Q: I'm 13 and I have a hairy belly and a hairy back.. I can't shave or wax it cause then it'll grow back much thicker. I'm so embarrassed wearing bikines or backless shirts.Is it REALLY unattractive? I just want opinions.
A: After reading the answers below I can say some of them are crap!! Of course if you shave the hair is going to grow back thicker and darker regardless if your still growing - your hair follicles will not all of a sudden turn crazy thick!I think you are best to leave it natural - you could bleach if you really feel neccesary but I dont see why you should have to change yourself because someone thinks oh look at the hair on her tummy! And the comment about if your cute it wont matter if your not it will be unattractive I mean come on! Hair is hair no matter who it is on!I think you should do what you feel and not be concerned about what others think - when you find the right boyfriend he will love you for YOU anyway.Best of luck hun
SURVEY FOR THE GUYS: How hairy is "too hairy?" Like ladies with furry pits? What about hairy legs?
Q: Where do you draw the line? What's "too much?" Anything goes as long as she can swim without getting entangled with submerged vessels?And what's your nationality? (Just curious if it's true that some countries are more flexible on the issue than others.)
A: I resent that. I happen to be a submerged vegetable.
I think my legs are too hairy, how should I thin the hair out?
Q: Should I shave my legs and let the hair grow back a little bit, then just try to keep it at that length? I don't really like the fact of shaving my legs, nor do I like the fact of my hairy legs, so I don't know what to do.
A: You could always bleach the hair on your legs. It will blend in nicely if you get a tan in the summer.

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