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How does poop smell like

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The origin of poop's odor is sulfur, which smells like a rotten eggs. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-poop-smell-like ]
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Bearded dragons poop smells like he is ill. what could it be??
He is most likely alright but I would keep a check on it to be on the safe side. You don't say what you are feeding him and if maybe you have given him something different over the past fe day. A change in diet will sometimes cause a differ...
Can we make poop smell like flowers?
I have always wondered about this myself. I can tell you from experience that people with colostomies that stink often benefit from the addition of chlorophyll in their diet. I read some studies on cow feces and how the odor can be annoying...
Why does my poop smell like roasts beats?
were you eating beets? or something? maybe what you are or a combination of what you ate caused a unusual reaction

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when does breastfed baby poop start to smell bad?
Q: my baby is month and a half. her poop smells only very slightly. is it just me cuz i'm her mommy? does it actually smell bad? if not when can i expect it to turn as rank as i hear baby poop is?NY tell yer hubby i agree with him, well other than that bonding/nutrition crap.
A: It won't until you introduce solids. That- in my husband's opinion is the single BEST reason to breastfeed. Lolol- yep, he is a bonehead!Edit: Lolol...I'll pass that on! He cares not for all the nutritional benefist that breastfeeding has, it's the fact that for the first 6 months, her poop was nearly scentless that made him oh-so-happy to change diapers. Dork!
Why does poop smell so much after you use the restroom?
Q: Seriously? Why does it smell? It doesn't when we eat but then we poop and it stinks!
A: i got say, ha ha. but seriously it because its a lot of bacteria and the waste you body produces. i think. but think about taco bell refried beans. i like you your funny.
why does my cats poop smell extremely abnormally bad?
Q: okay, so when my youngest cat poop it smells extremely bad. i mean abnormally bad....i will clean the litter boxes and then 20 minutes later my house smells so bad like the litter has been sitting there for a week. i have always fed my cats the Meow Mix brand. his poop has never ever smelled like this since i have had him. it just recently started...should i take him to the vet or does this sound normal to you guys?and please, i am being serious so no dumb answers please. thanks everybody!
A: How often has this been going on? If it's just today, I wouldn't jump to being concerned, as everyone has a right to an ''upset tummy'' on occasions.But, if the strong odor persists, I would see if the stool looks loose/runny or if there's anything present (worms) that shouldn't be.Also, see if you can't catch your cat getting into something that you may not realize he is eating. That could cause it, as well.

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