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How do you stop your feet from stinking

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You need to first prevent the smell, always wear socks. Socks soak up the sweat and should be changed severe times daily. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-stop-your-feet-from-stinking ]
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How to stop my feet from stinking?
It doesn't matter how much you wash your feet if you don't wash your shoes. I had a pair of sandals that would make my feet stink almost right away, until I disinfected them. It is bacteria that make your feet (or your breathe, or your armp...
How do I stop my feet from stinking so badly??
I saw this on "The Doctors". Every day for a week you make a footbath of tea, just regular tea. I can't remember if it is hot or cold. Sit with your feet in the footbath for 20-30 minutes. This resolved the problem of the lady who...
Does listerine get your feet to stop stinking?
Believe it or not, but at one time the original Listerine bottles used to recommend the product for deodorizing shoes and treating athletes foot among other things (IIRC treating for lice was also listed).

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How do youmake your feet stop stinking jfor a long time?
Q: I play football and skateboard and my feet sweat and start stinking alot and makes my shoes stinkAnd if anyone knoes how to wash shoes or knoes any spary that will make it not stink can you please tell me thanks
A: drink only water
how do you get your feet to stop stinking?
Q: Me feet stink really bad how do i get them to stop
A: wash 'em, keep 'em dry and wear shoes that allow air flowif all else fails see the doc
How do I stop my feet from stinking?
Q: My feet stink. I wash them but they still stink a few minutes later. Preferrably, someone else who has had this problem and solved it post please.Thanks.
A: I am an RN. First, try washing your feet with antibacterial soap. Dry them very well. Sprinkle on regular powder (cornstarch), or even special foot powder (Dr Scholls, Tinactin, etc) if you like. Make sure you are wearing clean socks everyday. Try to wash your shoes in the machine. Some people just have more bacteria that inhabit their skin, and the combo of that and sweat make it smell. There is not much you can do, in all honesty. As long as you dont have any other health problems, the best thing you can do is buy odor eaters or just learn to breathe through your mouth!

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