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How do you stop a gag reflex

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A great product to help stop the gag reflex is called Pleasure Balm by Kama Sutra. It has an ingredient that will numb the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-stop-a-gag-reflex ]
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How do you stop gag reflex?
i dont think you can stop the gag reflex
How can I stop my gag reflex?
relax your throat, In time the reflex will go away. And don't listen to others comment on you not having to go that deep. I say go as deep as you can, Guys love it.
Does smiling stop the gag reflex?
Well, try smiling the next time your doctor sticks a tongue suppressor half way down your throat...and I say this lovingly!

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How do I stop my gag reflex so i can go all the way down on a penis?
Q: My husband wants me to go all the way down but I start gagging really bad and I want to do this for him but I dont know how to stop my gag reflex. Any suggestions?
A: Just have sex...
How to stop gag reflex?
Q: i have trouble taking pills. and i just got some new medicine. and they're pills and i have to take tonight =/how can i temporarily stop my gag reflex?i heard that you can make a fist, and squeeze your thumb inside of the fist, but does this actually work? is there anything else?
A: Put them in your mouth (with liquid) and plug your nose, eventually they will go down, and without gagging.Try it.
whith dentures how does one stop the gag reflex from making you gag when talking anyone know?
Q: i just got dentures and i was wondering what can stop the gag reflex from making you gag when speaking.have had tonsils out for many years dentist said i have the most sensitive gag reflex he ever came accross.
A: While it's possible that you are a person with a more than average sensitivity issue with regard to the back upper pallet gum area, I would make sure the real issues isn't the denture itself. If an Upper denture isn't properly finished after processing by the lab technician and he or she leaves the back edge to long, that can create a gagging sensation. Also, if the back edge is left squared across the back instead of tapered up into the tissue, that square edge will allow saliva and sinus drainage to accumulate and that can cause both excessive swallowing and a gagging sensation. The final reason could be the back edge was simply left to long and extends to far back. If you look back at your throat area you will see a piece of tissue hanging down in the middle of your palate, the Uvula. In front of it are two gland openings and the back edge of an Upper denture should never exten beyond those openings...Go back to your Dentist and ask him to make sure none of the issues I mentioned are in play.

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