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How do you make yourself stop throwing up

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Treatment for vomiting includes drinking gradually larger amounts of clear liquids and getting plenty of rest. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-make-yourself-stop-throwing-up ]
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What's wrong with making yourself throw up if you can stop whenev...?
It's bad for your health: Electrolyte or chemical imbalances in the body than can affect the heart, cause irregular heart beats and even heart failure Irritation, inflammation and eventual rupture of the esophagus from repeated and frequent...

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How do you stop yourself from throwing up?
Q: I have bad anxiety about throwing up and If I get sick some time with the stomach bug or the flu how do I stop it from coming? I have problems.....
A: Saltine crackers and 7-up.It works everytime, I promise. :)
How do you stop yourself from throwing up after or during a ride on a roller coaster?
A: Take control of your BREATHINGfor each movement or swing breath in and out as they moveTry it you will soon work out how to do it its so simpleThats how I control myself so get on & off rides as if I have got out of a carBET YOU IT WORKS
What is the best way to stop yourself from throwing up? I did last night and i didnt know what to do?
A: While actually throwing up I'm not sure that there is much that you can do; some people even find it difficult to suppress a sneeze.If trying to prevent an "aftershock" then as "folk remedies" I've heard people variously suggest a little bit of ginger ale, or dry toast, or Pepto Bismal (the pink stuff). I don't know if there is a medical basis for these.If you are sure that it was caused by ingesting a particular item (or ingesting too much), you might just try to avoid doing do again in the future.

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