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How do you make yourself get a fever

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Hold the digital thermometer in one hand, and rub the thumb of your other hand rapidly over the tip of the thermometer more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-make-yourself-get-a-fever ]
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How do you make yourself have a fever?
Stick the thermometer under the lamp If you are trying to avoid going to school you can fake a fever pretty well by sticking the thermometer under the bulb of a lamplight - but make sure you only leave it there for a few seconds about 15, o...
Will eating toothpaste make you have a fever?
No, but the flouride in toothpaste is toxic in large doses.
How can I make myself have a fever?
not sure how to do that but i will help you with something else. before you goo to bed today, if you have some soup or something saucy thatisn'tt to obvious, try mixing it with yogurt,mayonnaisee, or even milk. keep this and when you get re...

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How to make yourself get a fever?
Q: how do you make yourself get a fever because i want to get out of school
A: If you are from somewhere there is snow, Lay in the snow, then go inside and take a suppppperrr Hot bath. and to make your face look red, pinch it and yeahh.. and TA DAyou should have a fake fever or a really bad cold, or frostbite :)
How can you make yourself get a fever?
Q: Not a high fever but like 100degrees or something.
A: just dip thermometer in cup of hot water for few seconds..
Is there a way to make yourself have a fever?
Q: Just Curious.Is it possible in less than 24 hours to make yourself get a fever?Not a fake one.
A: Why would you want to have a fever? And a raw potato is out of the question. It doesn't work. If a raw potato caused a fever a lot of people would be walking around with one.

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