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How do you know when your belly button is infected by a piercing

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An infected belly button ring will have a yellowish green puss and hard crusty debris continuing to ooze out after cleaning. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-when-your-belly-button-is-infected-by-a-piercing ]
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How do you know if your belly button piercing is infected??
you will know if your belly button is infected because it will be sore to touch, very red, and horrible greeny coloured puss around it. you should clean your belly button piercing everyday with a hot water and a cotton bud this will help ki...
How would i know if my belly button piercing is infected??
It could be that you did something unintentional to irritate the area. It typically takes 2 or more years for a piercing to properly heal depending on your body. Just remember that anything that is foreign to the body your body will try to ...
How do u know if ur belly button piercing is infected??
if it is red, irritated, itchy, or burns it is probably infected,if it is letting out puss then it definately is- try putting a very small pinch of sea salt into a cup of warm water and holding it over your belly button for about 20-30 seco...

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what do you do when your belly button piercing is infected?
Q: i go tmy belly button piercing about just 2 months ago and i take care of it pretty well but all of a sudden theres this icky stuff coming out of it and i think its infected but idk why...what can i do to make it "uninfected"?...
A: navel piercings can take upwards of a year to heal sometimes, so it is unlikely to be infected if you are looking after it right eg. warm slat water soaks, making sure it doesn't get caught/rubbed, not touching it etc.this 'icky stuff' is probably lymph, which is normal.if it is infected, you'll probably have one or more of these symptoms1-the area around it is red2-excessive swelling3-it's hot to touch4-it secretes DARK yellow- greenish pus (normal lymphing can be anywhere between white and light yellow)5-the pus it does secrete smellsif it is infected, you will have to leave the jewellery in so that the infection has a drain, taking it out will end up closing the infection in which means it could get worse or become an abcess.you will have to continue warm salt water soaks as this helps draw out any nastiness.and you might need antibiotics.actual infection in a piercing is quite rare (out of the 57 time I've been pierced, I've only had 1 infection)what you are experiencing is more likely to be normal lymp, this merely is because it is healing nothing more, unless you have any of the symptoms listed above, there is nothing to worry about.
What happens if your belly button is infected from a piercing?
Q: So i got my belly button pierced about 3 days ago and it is kinda red and it still hurts and i was just wondering how long it stays sore for and if it is infected will i have to take the piercing out or not???? i really need help.
A: try bathing it with warm slat water 2 or 3 times a day and don't it out with soap or anything like that, just keep using the salt and if its not getting any better you can try buying some real gold jewelery and go back the piercer and ask them to change it, mine was infected when i first had it done and i changed to to real gold jewelry and it was fine after a few days, i think it has something to do with the matals in the stainless jewelery etc
Can your belly button piercing get infected by cleaning it with peroxide or rubbing alcohol too much?
A: yes you arent supposed to clean it at all with peroxide or rubbing alcohol, piercers specifically tell you NOT to do this. Clean it with simple DIAL soap. Let the soap sit there for 1 minute, rinse thouroughly, let air dry. Then spray with Bactine. Do this 2-3 times a day.

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