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How do you know that your kidneys are failing

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Failing kidneys don't remove extra fluid, which builds up in your body causing swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face, or hands. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-that-your-kidneys-are-failing ]
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How do you know if your kidneys are failing?
Ignore comments about 'yellowing skin' - this is jaundice caused by liver failure. Also, exhaustive lists of symptoms are rarely helpful - most people, with or without renal failure, would experince some of those most days. There are two ke...
How Do I Know If My Dogs Kidneys Are Failing??
If your dog is listless, not drinking, or even goes off to be alone to die, then the kidneys are in serious condition. Drinking antifreeze in any amount causes severe kidney failure. I know because I did not react to my precious Frosty's sy...
What are some ways you know your kidneys are failing?
I just have a question about kidneys failing. When I was in the hospital mine failed due to medication Vancamycin(spelled wrong I know), I had a infection too lengthy to spell out. Other than feeling weak then, plus just sick overall. I am ...

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If your kidneys are failing, can they go back to normal?
Q: Please let me know, can they go back to normal, somehow, if they are failing?
A: Yes, my grandmother's kidneys were only functioning at 15% and actually had her first appointment set up for starting dialysis. Then they just seemed to get better all of a sudden. She was taking medicine all along of course and she is just functioning at 85% now but now she doesn't have to have dialysis. So yes it can happen. Good luck to whoever needs it!
What are the symptoms of a liver and kidneys failing?
Q: What are the symptoms of a liver and kidneys failing?
A: when my little sisters kidney failed she was tired and ill all the time and had constand water infections and lost lots of weight then one day she collapsed,went unconcious and turned blue. im not sure about liver though x
What does it feel like when your kidneys fail?
Q: Just wondering what it feels like when your kidneys fail do you die instantly or over time? You always hear about some one needing a transplant so if any one knows thanks ~what are the symptoms like how would you feel going through it if you could not get to a doctor how long would it take to die?
A: You may have no clue when your kidneys begin to malfunction gradually and the process may take years before your require dialysis or transplant. Common causes include hypertension and diabetes. As you renal function becomes very poor you may begin to notice fluid retention and swelling especially of the legs, itching of the skin, cramping. fatigue and change in urinary patterns with overall decreased volume of urine production. End stages untreated may result in pericarditis, heart failure, malnutrition, alteration in mentation, coma and eventually death. Acute renal failure is another ballgame and generally comes about as a result of overwhelming infection in a matter of days. You know your very sick and the kidney malfunction is found incidentally to your major problem.

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