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How do you know if your toe is sprained

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A toe sprain is caused by a partial tear of the ligaments. If you feel pain and tenderness, swelling of toe, you may have a sprain [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-if-your-toe-is-sprained ]
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How do I know if my Toe is Sprained?
If it was broken you would not be able to put pressure on it without excruciating pain and it would be horribly swollen by now and you would not be able to put on a shoe. It is probably sprained. Put ice on it, if you have not already and e...
How do you know if your toe is broken or sprained?
Four signs of a broken bone: pain (duh), swelling, stiffness, and bruising. Please do not allow yourself to suffer. Just because the bones in your toe are small doesn't mean the break is any less serious then if it had happened somewhere el...
How do I know if my toe is jammed,broken, or sprained??
Sounds like a sprain - but broken toes are hard to diagnose. If you go to the doctor, they can't really put a cast on or anything, but it's still a good idea to get it checked out if you're worried. As for speeding recovery, use the RICE re...

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How can you tell if you broke or sprained or fractured your toe?
Q: I tripped on my big toe in gym and it has hurt very very very badly. How can I tell if its broken or sprained or fractured?
A: Probably the only way is to get an x-ray, but there's probably nothing they can really do about it either way. Toes are too little to put a cast on. You might just want to tape it together to the next toe for support until it heals. Good luck!
How do you know if you sprained, fractured of broke your toe?
Q: I hurt my toe playing volleyball haha.It's my big toe.It's very swollenIt pops out of its socket when I walkIt always cracks**But I can move itDoes anyone have an idea if it's sprained, fractured, or broken?Thanks!!
A: It's probably broken but ice and rest is about all you can do for a toe. Even with an x ray they cant put a brace or cast on a toe. Hope it heals soon.
How to know if you sprained your big toe? and how to heal it?
Q: I think I sprained my big toe but i am not so sure if it really is
A: Big toes are normally not sprained, due to the bone structure and the type of joint they are. Big toes are broken, dislocated, jammed. You should seek medical advice.

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