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How do you know if your tailbone is broken

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If you experience a sharp pain once you sit down, it is possible that you've broken your tail bone. Than see a doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-if-your-tailbone-is-broken ]
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How do you know if you've broken your tailbone?
You could just be suffering from a bad bruise. Wait until tomorrow or the next day, and if the pain continues, see a doctor (Orthopedic Surgeon) just to be sure.
How do you know If your tailbone is broken or just .
HI, You will need an X-ray and or a Bone scan of this area. Thanks and good luck too you. Edited by Sedonalover on November 20 2005 at 6:08 PM
Does anyone know how a broken tailbone heals,or how long??
The coccyx is a very sore little bone to fracture but there is no medical intervention. It will heal on it's own in approx 6-8 weeks. try to avoid sitting on it for long periods of time. Try to either lie on your side or make yourself a "...

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How to tell if your tailbone is broken?
Q: Recently my tailbone has started to really hurt when i get up from sitting and when u touch itis it broken or is it just a bruise???Thanks
A: if you have pain, you should get an xray. It is almost impossible to tell if its broken or not without an xray. I strongly reccomend it. I bruised mine, but the doctor sent me for one to make sure it wasnt broken because he was not certain.
How can you tell if your tailbone is broken or bruised?
A: I was sure mine was broken also, so i went to see my back pain and spine care doctor. he said i'd be immobilized if it was broken or even fractured. meaning i wouldnt be able to walk or climb stairs, etc. Turns out mine was just badly bruised...for weeks. So if you can still walk (even though there's pain) then you probably didnt break it or even fracture it.
how to tell if i have a broken tailbone?
Q: my butt always hurts where my tailbone is whenever i sit down. on wooden chairs, school desks, even couches and loveseats. when im laying down in bed i cant lay on my back for long because its painful! is my tailbone broken, or is it something else? thank you!
A: It sounds like a broken tailbone.Nothing can be done for it. It will just hurt for a long time and eventually heal over time.Do you remember an event that might have caused a serious blow to your tailbone? If not, then you would be best advised to see a physician to be sure its not something more serious. That area has a lot of things that can go wrong, so use caution with your diagnosis.

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